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Pro Writing Aid Tips: How to Use It To Improve Your Writing

Writing is an art form that requires skill, dedication, and practice. 

However, even the most experienced writers can benefit from a little extra help from time to time. 

This is where Pro Writing Aid comes in – an AI editing tool that can help writers to improve their writing in various ways, including grammar, style, and clarity.

Pro Writing Aid also helps eliminate writer’s block starting with a blank page.

I will cover various topics, including real-time grammar and spelling improvements, in-depth writing reports, style suggestions, error-free writing, word explorer and contextual thesaurus, integration with popular writing software, customizable style guides and dictionaries, and data visualization. 

So let’s start with some Pro Writing Aid tips and writing tips to help improve your writing!


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Pro Writing Aid Tips

Pro Writing Aid Tips for Grammar

As a writer, it’s essential to have a good grasp of grammar to ensure your writing is clear and concise.

Pro Writing Aid’s powerful grammar-checking capabilities can help you identify and correct writing errors.

Here are some tips on how to use Pro Writing Aid when you start writing:

1 Run a Grammar Check

To begin, click the “Grammar” tab in the editing tool and run a grammar check on your document. 

Run a grammar check

Pro Writing Aid will scan your document for grammar errors and provide suggestions for improvement.

2 Review Suggestions and Apply Them

After running a grammar check, review the suggestions provided by the tool and consider applying them to your writing. 

Pro Writing Aid identifies grammar errors and provides explanations and examples for each suggestion to help you and your readers understand why making the suggested changes is essential.

3 Use Your Best Judgment

Not all suggestions made by Pro Writing Aid will be relevant or necessary for your story or writing. 

Use your sense and best judgment when deciding which suggestions to apply and which to ignore.

4 Avoiding Common Grammar Mistakes with Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing Aid can help you avoid common grammar mistakes that writers often make. Here are some examples:

I Subject-Verb-Object Agreement Errors

Pro Writing Aid can detect subject-verb agreement errors and suggest corrections to make your writing more grammatically correct.

ii Comma Splices

A comma splice, a grammatical error, occurs when a comma joins two independent clauses.

Pro Writing Aid can detect comma splices and suggest appropriate ways to fix them to ensure good writing.

iii Incorrect Use of Pronouns

Pro Writing Aid can help you identify instances in practice writing where you may have used the wrong pronoun, such as using “they” instead of “he” or “she,” and suggest corrections to make your writing more clear and concise.

Tips For Using Pro Writing Aid for Writing

Pro Writing Aid allows writers to improve their writing style and clarity by providing suggestions to help them express their ideas more effectively. 

Here are some great tips on how to use this feature effectively:

1 Understanding how Pro Writing Aid works: 

The tool’s algorithms analyze your text and suggest improving style and clarity. 

The suggestions are based on various factors, including sentence structure, word count, choice, tone, etc.

2 Running a style check: 

To run a style check-in Pro Writing Aid, upload your document or copy and paste your text into the tool. 

Run a style check

Click on the “Style” button, and the tool will provide suggestions on improving your writing style, like how to avoid filler words and write short sentences.

3 Interpreting and applying style suggestions: 

Pro Writing Aid provides a variety of style suggestions, including those related to sentence structure, word choice, and tone. 

Some suggestions include using active voice instead of passive voice, avoiding run-on sentences, and using more concise language. 

When you receive these suggestions, reviewing them carefully and deciding which ones to apply to your writing is important.

4 Examples of common writing mistakes: 

Some common writing mistakes that Pro Writing Aid can help you avoid include using long and complex sentences, vague language, and relying too heavily on adverbs. 

By using Pro Writing Aid’s suggestions, you can improve the clarity and impact of fewer words in your writing.

Pro Writing Aid’s style suggestions can help writers create more engaging and compelling content. 

Tips For Using Pro Writing Aid for Customizable Style Guides

One of the most valuable features of Pro Writing Aid is the ability to create customizable style guides. 

A style guide is a set of rules and guidelines writers use to ensure consistency in their writing.

By creating your style guide, you can establish your preferred writing style and ensure that your writing is consistent across all your projects. 

Here’s how to use Pro Writing Aid for customizable style guides:

i Creating a Style Guide

Click on the menu and go to your profile.

Profile Screenshot from Pro Writing Aid

Image Source

Then select “Style Guide”.

Style Guide Box Page from Pro Writing Aid

Image Source

Creating a writing rule for your Style Guide in Pro Writing Aid is comparable to setting up a more comprehensive “Find and replace” function.

You can customize specific rules for identifying and altering the text.

A writing rule has three essential components: the match (the text to be flagged), the suggested replacement, and the message displayed to the user.

Pro Writing Aid’s Style Guide also features a “Wrong Sentence” field, allowing you to input an example sentence with incorrect grammar or phrasing.

Wrong sentence

Image Source

By selecting “Show Sentence Analysis,” the sentence will be parsed into its grammatical components.

For instance, suppose you wish to replace one word or phrase with another, such as a correct name or term for a specific industry.

In that case, you can input the correct text into the four text fields in the Style Guide tool.

Once completed, the suggested replacement will appear in the editing tool, and you can swap it with just one click.

Similarly, suppose you want to enforce consistency in capitalization.

In that case, you can create a rule that flags only uppercase instances of a particular term by using the \ symbol before the term to indicate a case-sensitive match.

ii Applying a Style Guide

Once you’ve created your style guide, you can apply it to your writing project by selecting the style guide from the “Style Guide” dropdown menu.

Pro Writing Aid will then provide suggestions and alerts based on the rules and guidelines set in your style guide.

iii Customizing the Rules and Suggestions

To customize the rules and suggestions Pro Writing Aid provides, click the “Customize” button next to the category you want to edit.

You can then add or remove rules and adjust the severity of the suggestions provided.

iv Examples of Customizable Style Guides

For a blog writer, a style guide might include rules for using bullet points, headings, and subheadings to improve readability for your intended audience.

For a technical writer, a style guide might include rules for using technical jargon and abbreviations consistently throughout a document.

For a novelist, a style guide might include rules for character development, dialogue, and narrative pacing.

By using customizable style guides in Pro Writing Aid, writers can maintain consistency in their writing and establish their preferred writing style.

Whether you’re a blogger, technical writer, or novelist, creating a style guide can help you streamline your writing process and produce high-quality content.


Pro Writing Aid is an excellent AI editing tool that can help writers improve their writing in multiple ways. 

This tool offers much, from grammar and spelling to style and clarity. 

By using Pro Writing Aid, writers can identify common mistakes and receive suggestions on improving their writing.

They can also access various resources to build their writing skills and enhance their writing style.

If you haven’t tried Pro Writing Aid yet, please give it a try and incorporate these best writing tips into your writing process. 

Whether it’s for students, professional writers, or anyone who wants to learn how to write or improve their writing skills, Pro Writing Aid can help you achieve your goals and become a better writer.

For further reading, research, and learning, you can visit the Pro Writing Aid website and explore their blog, which offers a wealth of information on writing tips and techniques. 

You can also join their community on social media and interact with other writers who use the tool.

What’s your most effective writing tip?

I would love to hear about your experience if you have used Pro Writing Aid before for your writing.

Please share your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below.

Happy writing!

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