how to make money on turo

How To Make Money On Turo – The Ultimate Guide To Renting Out Your Car

how to make money on turo

If you’re looking for a way to make some extra money, consider renting out your car on Turo.

Turo is a car rental service website that allows people to rent out their cars to others. You can get paid up to $1000 per month by renting your car on Turo!

In this article, I will teach you how to get started with Turo and make the most money possible by renting out your car.

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What Is Turo, And How Is It Different From Traditional Car Rental Companies?

Turo is a web and mobile app connecting car owners with people looking for a rental.

How to make money on Turo

Car owners can rent out their vehicles to earn some extra cash, and renters can find affordable, unique cars to rent.

Unlike most traditional car rental companies, Turo offers insurance and roadside assistance for both the car owner and the renter.

How Does Turo Work For Car Owners?

Car owners create a listing for their car on the Turo website or app. Then, they set the price and availability, add photos and a description, and answer any questions that potential renters may have.

Renters browse through the available listings, choose a car, and book it for the dates they need it. Then, they pay the car owner directly through the Turo app or website, and the car owner receives the payment 24 hours after the rental is complete.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Turo Car Rental Service?

There are many benefits of using Turo:

– Earn extra cash by renting out your car when you’re not using it.

– Find affordable, unique cars to rent.

– Get insurance and roadside assistance for both the car owner and the renter.

– Hassle-free experience – Turo takes care of all the paperwork and payments.

How Much Money Can You Make With Turo Car Rental Company?

There is no limit to how much money you can make with Turo. You set the price and availability for your car, and you receive payment 24 hours after the rental is complete.

How much you can make on Turo depends on several factors, including your location, the type of car you’re renting out, and how often you rent out.

However, according to Turo, the average car owner in the United States earns around $600 per month on Turo. So if you’re looking to make a little extra cash, Turo could be an excellent option.

How Do You Get Paid On Turo?

You get paid on Turo every week. Your earnings hit your bank account seven days after the end of the previous week.

For example, if you completed a rental on Saturday, May 12th, your earnings would be deposited into your bank account on Thursday, May 17th.

How To Make Money On Turo – Cons

-You have to pay for your car insurance, which can be expensive

-It can be not easy to find renters during off-peak times

-There is a lot of competition from other rental services

-You need to provide good customer service and respond quickly to inquiries/requests from renters.

-It can be time-consuming to manage your rental schedule and keep track of payments/invoices.

-You need to be comfortable with strangers driving your car.

How To Become A Turo Host

If you’re looking to make some extra money, Turo is a great way. Hosting on Turo is easy and can be a great way to offset the costs of owning a car.

Step 1. Register as a Turo host

To get started, you’ll need to register as a Turo host.

Once you review their terms of service, you will then have access to their online hosting portal, where you can create your listing for your rental vehicle or multiple cars, manage bookings, and track earnings. There is no cost to becoming a Turo host.

Review Turo's terms of service

Step 2. Go Through The Approval Process

The approval process for becoming a Turo host is straightforward. First, you will need to provide some information about yourself, your car, and your car ownership details and complete a brief inspection of your vehicle.

Turo’s team will review your application and let you know if you are approved to start renting out your car on Turo.

According to Turo’s terms and conditions, you cannot use your vehicle for commercial purposes, such as driving other passengers using Lyft or Uber. However, you can get written permission from Turo’s Legal Department for this.

Step 3. Select An Insurance Plan

When you become a Turo host, you must have commercial liability insurance. This type of insurance protects you from any potential damages during a rental.

Step 4. List Your Car

Finally, create a listing. Your listing will include information on the car, including its make, model, and year.

An example of a car listing on Turo

Image Source

Include photos of your car. Pictures will help renters visualize what they’re renting and help them decide if your car is a good fit for them.

Step 5. Set Your Price

Next, set your price. Turo allows you to set your price, so be sure to pick one that will cover your costs and generate a profit. You can also use the automatic pricing feature from Turo to set a fair price for your vehicle.

Turo Pricing And Fees

Turo pricing and fees can vary depending on the location of your car and the time of year. However, a few things are consistent no matter where you are.

  • First, Turo charges a 25% commission on each rental.
  • Second, there is a $0.65/day insurance fee that Turo charges to hosts. This fee covers the cost of liability and collision insurance for your car.
  • Finally, there is a cleaning fee of $25 that Turo charges if the renter leaves the car dirty.

So, car owners get paid 75% of the trip price, delivery fees, and other additional charges.

Cleaning Policy

Turo also has a cleaning policy that requires hosts to clean their cars after every rental. The cleaning policy helps ensure that the vehicles are in good condition for the next renter. If you’re unable to clean the vehicle yourself, Turo offers a cleaning service that will do it for you. The cost of this service is $75.

No-Show Fee

If a renter doesn’t show up for their rental, Turo charges a no-show fee of $50. The no-show fee helps cover the costs associated with canceling a rental.

Turo Customer Service And Support

Turo customer service and support are available to renters and car owners who have questions or need help with the Turo platform or car payments. You can reach the Turo team by phone, email, or online chat. They are available 24/hours a day, seven days a week.

If you are a renter and have a question about the rental cost or daily rental price, you can contact the support team.

Alternatives To Turo

There are a few alternatives to Turo if you’re looking to rent out your car. These include Getaround, Drivy, and Car Next Door. These services work similarly – you list your vehicle on their platform, and people can book it for short-term rentals.

Each service has its benefits and drawbacks. For example, Getaround is available in more cities than Turo, but Drivy has a more extensive selection of cars. Car Next Door is the cheapest option, but it’s only available in a few Australian cities.

Airbnb for renting out your house or room is another option to consider. Airbnb can be a great way to make money if you’re not using your home or room most of the time. You can list your rental property on Airbnb and set your price, and guests can book it for short-term stays.

Airbnb main page

Making Money On Turo FAQ

How Do You Get Approved For Turo?

To become a host on Turo, you will need to provide some information about yourself and your vehicle. You must be at least 21 years old and have a valid driver’s license. Your car must also be in good condition, have less than 80,000 miles, and be a 2006 model or newer. You will also need insurance on your vehicle that meets Turo’s requirements.

Is Turo Legit?

Yes, Turo is a legit way to make money. It’s one of the most popular ways to rent out your car. So Turo is a great way to make extra money, and it’s also a great way to get your vehicle in front of new people.

Plus, Turo is a great way to save money on car rentals. So if you’re looking for a way to make some extra money, Turo is the way to go.

What Percentage Does Turo Take?

Turo’s percentage varies depending on the type of car you have and the location. Generally, Turo takes 25% of the rental fee, but this can vary depending on your location. Make sure to check the fee schedule for your specific region.

Where Is Turo Available?

Turo is available in most major U.S. cities, Canada, and the United Kingdom. To see if Turo is available in your area, visit their website and enter your zip code or city name.

Can You Make Good Money On Turo?

Yes, you can make good money on Turo. There are a lot of people who use Turo as their full-time job. However, it’s important to remember that, like any other business, it takes work and dedication to be successful.

What Kind Of Cars Can You Drive On Turo?

You can drive any car that is in the Turo fleet. The fleet includes vehicles of all sizes and types, from economy to luxury.

You can also drive a specific car model from a particular category, such as convertibles or SUVs. Just be sure to check the availability of your desired car before you book it.

What Happens If My Car Is Damaged When Someone Drives The Car?

Turo’s insurance covers you if your car is damaged while someone else is driving it. Trust and Safety protections from Liberty Mutual cover all Turo trips.

Turo assesses and repairs damage. Turo also may replace your car, depending on the extent of the damage. You’ll be able to file a claim with Turo as soon as you become aware of the damage.

How Do I Get Started On Turo?

Go to and click on “Sign Up” to get started. First, you will need to provide information about yourself, such as your name, email address, and password.

Once you have registered for an account, you need to provide additional information about your cars, including their make, model, year, and license plate number.

Turo will also ask you to provide some information about your insurance policy, such as the name of your insurance company and your policy number.

You will then need to provide additional information about yourself, such as your driver’s license number and Social Security number.

Once you have provided all of the required information, Turo will review your account and may ask you to provide some additional documentation.

Once your account is approved, you can start listing your car on Turo!

Where Do You Meet Your Guest?

You’ll need to meet your guest in a public place, like a parking lot or coffee shop. We recommend avoiding meeting in residential areas, as this can be disruptive to neighbors.

Review the safety guidelines outlined in our safety tips guide before your first rental. You and your guest will also need to complete a rental agreement form.

There is also a program called TuroGo, available for residents of San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles. With TuroGo, Turo community members can quickly locate and unlock cars from within the app.

What Other Helpful Turo Tips Are There?

  • Make sure your car is clean and in good condition before renting it out. A clean car will help ensure that you get positive reviews from your renters and maintain a high rating on Turo.
  • Always inspect the vehicle before each rental to ensure there are no damages. If you find any damages, document them with photos and contact the renter immediately.
  • When setting your rental price, be sure to consider the cost of gas, insurance, and any other associated fees. You can also choose to offer a discount for weekly or monthly rentals.
  • Keep in mind that Turo takes a 25% commission on each rental.
  • Always provide your renters with a copy of your insurance policy and make sure they know the coverage limits.
  • If you’re not comfortable picking up or dropping off your car at the renter’s location, you can choose to have Turo handle it for an additional fee.
  • Finally, be open to feedback from renters. Turo provides hosts with ratings and reviews, so be sure to listen to what people are saying and make any necessary adjustments.
  • You can also choose to add optional protection plans for guests who rent cars, which will give them peace of mind and help protect you in the event of any damages.


If you’re looking for a way to make some extra money, renting out your car on Turo is a great option. You can make a good amount of money by renting out your car, and it’s a great way to help offset the cost of owning a vehicle. Turo is a great platform that makes it easy to rent out your car and make money.

Click here to get started with Turo.

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I hope you found this Turo review helpful. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions, and I’ll get back! 🙂

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