how to make money on Pinterest

How To Make Money On Pinterest – An Effective Guide To Monetize Pinterest!

how to make money on Pinterest

You don’t need a million followers to make money with your Pinterest account.

Making money on Pinterest may be challenging, but it’s possible. It’s simple (and free!) to set up a Pinterest account and create pins, even if you’ve never done it before.

You can also use Pinterest analytics to see if your strategies are working and optimize them to make the most profit from Pinterest.

Here are six lucrative ways how to make money on Pinterest:

  • Drive Pinterest traffic to your website or blog
  • Use Google AdSense to make ad revenue from Pinterest
  • Use affiliate marketing to earn affiliate revenue from Pinterest
  • Offer Pinterest virtual assistant services
  • Sell your products on Pinterest
  • Offer Pinterest consulting services

We’ll go through each method step-by-step, so grab a cup of coffee and follow along!

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How To Make Money On Pinterest With a Website or Blog

Pinterest does not give you the option to sell things directly on its platform. However, there are still many ways you can learn how to make money on Pinterest.

1. Drive Pinterest Traffic To Your Website or Blog

One of the most successful ways of making money on Pinterest is by setting up a website or blog.

If you own a blog, you can create pins and pin them on Pinterest to drive tons of traffic to your blog posts.

Most bloggers fail at getting substantial traffic from Pinterest because they don’t use the platform the right way. So even if you have a successful blog, you need to know how to leverage Pinterest to bring traffic to your blog.

So how do you set up a blog, write blog posts for your target audience, and make money online with your Pinterest account? Let’s look at the steps one by one.

Step 1: Setting up your blog

If you want to create a money-making blog, I recommend you set up a self-hosted WordPress blog. Many free blogging platforms are available online, but these will not allow you to earn money through ads or an affiliate link.

You can check out this article to learn how to set up a blog.

Once you have set up your website, it’s time to start creating blog content.

Step 2: Creating content for your blog

Your blog content should have a central theme to attract a target audience. Before you can learn how to make money on Pinterest, you need to pick a blog niche and serve a specific audience.

For instance, if you decide to blog about personal finance, you must ensure that every blog post you write fits into that niche.

It’s not that difficult to write your first blog post once you’ve settled on a niche and planned out your content strategy.

Step 3: Setting up your Pinterest business account

The next step on how to make money on Pinterest is to set up your Pinterest account as a business owner. You can set up a new Pinterest account here.

How to make money on Pinterest

Make sure you set up a Pinterest business account so that you can use it for your business. It ensures that you follow the terms and conditions for businesses on Pinterest and gives you access to Pinterest Analytics.

Pinterest Analytics is a handy tool that gives you insights into how many people see your pins and which of your pins are the most successful.

With a Pinterest Business account, you can also access features like Pinterest advertising and rich pins.

Step 4: Claiming your website on Pinterest

The next step is to claim your website on Pinterest. That means you can add a link to your website on your Pinterest profile by entering a bit of code. Once you’ve done this, you will be able to see your Pinterest Analytics.

Go to ‘Edit Profile’ and click on Claim:

u0vOlXF7CtHY jv5CrQY dSjGjqUN9rAzAZuaz4nkSiG8MFr15BSzquDuaxGg1tfHduRYlIpDZxxXbiE7e

You can then add the given HTML tag to the <head> section of your website.

gtpHeibXu7ZixwY2ShXyYq4vbVAOYzSd7bxnKnFfDacOw c0We8KuKHtsmQ jDeoARJvtBUWel2IzHCelgvuIP8lkv23p4O19Jm9NkQW8LF6 LOQrIjmdK7UVfTgnp9QLHiqMW35

Step 5: Applying for Rich Pins

Next, you’ll have to apply for rich pins for your business account. Rich pins are free to apply for Pinterest users. They sync information from your website to your pins. Whenever you make changes on your website, rich pins are updated automatically to reflect the changes.

There are three types of rich pins depending on the content you create:

  • Product Rich Pins
Rich pins for products on Pinterest - Blogging Explorer

Image Source

  • Recipe Rich Pins
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Image Source

  • Article Rich Pins
Pinterest rich pins guide - Rich pin information for articles

Image Source

Step 6: Optimizing your Pinterest profile

Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest is a visual search engine. That means people use the Pinterest search bar to look for helpful information.

Add relevant keywords to your Pinterest bio, the descriptions of your Pinterest boards, and of course, your pin description. Adding target keywords will help you appear in searches when a Pinterest user is looking for information.

Here’s an example of an optimized Pinterest profile:

u4Dj7gzPYdX8u1OR365mYlsp6s6iI0LAyK7qf7tBZHwzejmY7n6atvpKEG8 ZhC0VZKDqvx5PxgZo2MeY9sd

Image Source

Step 7: Creating pins and pinning them

Your Pinterest profile is complete! Now all that’s left is to create some awesome pins and pin them away!

As I mentioned earlier, Pinterest is a visual search engine. That means you need to create some eye-catching pins and pin them on your Pinterest account if you want people to click on them.

Pin consistently and optimize the pin descriptions so that they show up when people type in relevant keywords. Link each pin to drive traffic to the relevant blog post on your website. Pinterest traffic can be massive for your blog, so create a strong Pinterest strategy to earn money from your blog.

Image Source

2. Make Money on Pinterest With AdSense

One of the main Pinterest strategies to help you in earning money is sending traffic to your blog. You can then display ads on your blog and make extra money if you have good enough blog traffic.

Newbie bloggers generally start with Google AdSense, but there are many AdSense alternatives you can use if you are finding it hard to get accepted into the ad program.

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Image Source

When your blog traffic is high enough to meet eligibility requirements, you can use ad services like MediaVine or AdThrive to earn ad revenue from your blog. Utilizing Pinterest will help you immensely increase your blog traffic and meet eligibility requirements for various ad platforms.

3. Make Money on Pinterest With Affiliate Marketing (On Your Blog)

Apart from ads, most bloggers monetize their blogs using affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is when you join an affiliate program for a company or product you want to promote and earn a commission for every sale you make for them.

After you join an affiliate program, you will be assigned a unique affiliate link to promote on your blog. Then, whenever someone clicks on your affiliate link and buys something, you earn a commission for that sale.

Affiliate Marketing in 2021: What It Is + How Beginners Can Start

Image Source

You can place one or more affiliate links on your blog post, create at least five unique pins for that blog post, and pin them on Pinterest to increase the affiliate income from your blog.

How To Make Money On Pinterest Without A Blog

4. Make Money on Pinterest With an Affiliate Link

Another way you can use Pinterest affiliate marketing is by entering direct affiliate links as your pin URL. That means instead of leading people to your own blog or website when they click on your pin, you’ll be sending them to the affiliate link directly.

Image Source

You can enter the affiliate or referral link in the place where you usually enter your website URL. However, you will need to disclose your affiliate links clearly in your pin description and mention that it includes affiliate links.

Affiliate marketing is usually more successful when you add affiliate links to your own website or blog post. Still, some people make more than a few dollars by adding affiliate links directly to their pins.

5. Make Money by Offering Pinterest Virtual Assistant Services

Some people don’t have the time or expertise to create pins and leverage their Pinterest account to drive traffic to their websites. That’s where a Pinterest VA comes in.

If you have experience working as a virtual assistant and know how Pinterest works, you can sell your services to other online business owners as a Pinterest VA. In addition, you can choose to manage as many Pinterest accounts as you can for clients in exchange for a fee.

Beginner Pinterest VAs are known to make above $15 an hour, and some experts even make close to $100 an hour for Pinterest VA services. It all depends on your expertise and knowledge about this social media platform.

As a Pinterest virtual assistant, you will need to create pins and share them on your client’s Pinterest account to increase their reach, maintain their profile, and send traffic to their websites or blogs.

Pinterest virtual assistants are in high demand. You can choose to niche down to a particular industry or type of business and increase your rates accordingly to make more money.

6. Make Money by Selling Your Products on Pinterest

Another lucrative way to make money on Pinterest is to see your products. You can sell your services or products by linking to them from your pins.

If you want to sell your services on Pinterest, you can link to your ‘Hire Me’ page from your Pinterest profile.

If you want to sell digital products such as online courses and eBooks, you can link to your sales pages from your pins or your Pinterest profile.

If you want to sell physical products on Pinterest, you can link to your products on your website or Shopify store from Pinterest.

7. Make Money by Offering Pinterest Consulting Services

Another way you can make money on Pinterest is by selling your Pinterest consulting services. Once you have used Pinterest for a while (either for your business or for different clients), you can sell your consulting services to help others succeed at Pinterest marketing.

You can teach others:

  • how to get their Pinterest account set up the right way,
  • how to optimize their Pinterest Business account to maximize their reach,
  • how to create eye-catching pins that will get people clicking on their links,
  • how to join group boards, and
  • how to increase their Pinterest followers.

You can start by offering a free course or free blog with all the tips people need to market on Pinterest. Then on your Hire Me page, you could list out the services you offer and how much you charge.

People can then contact you directly via your website and book your consultation services after paying your fee.


There are many ways to make money on Pinterest, whether you own a blog on not!

If you own a blog, you can easily use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog and then monetize that traffic by using Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, or selling your products on your blog.

Suppose you do not want to invest in a blog. In that case, you can still make money on Pinterest by directly adding your affiliate link to your pins, offering Pinterest VA/ consulting services, or selling your products on Pinterest.

Remember, Pinterest is free to join and is a great online tool to help you make money!


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