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ClickFunnels Review – Is It The Best Tool To Help Skyrocket Your Sales?

ClickFunnels review

ClickFunnels is one of the most popular funnel-building tools in the market today. But is it worth all the hype?

Honestly, ClickFunnels may not be THE best funnel builder out there in terms of user interface and ease of use. But it does offer a ton of features and helps you build, optimize, and test your sales and marketing funnels.

ClickFunnels also offers a vast library of high-converting funnel templates so that you don’t need to build your funnels from scratch. ClickFunnels also helps you build and grow your email list and integrate with many popular marketing tools for your online business.

So is ClickFunnels right for you? Let’s dig a little deeper and find out in this ClickFunnels Review.

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What is ClickFunnels?

As a digital marketer, you may have heard of ClickFunnels. Forbes calls it the fastest-growing non-venture-backed software company in the world.

In 2014, Russell Brunson and his team designed ClickFunnels as a tool to create sales funnels. They soon realized that it had great potential and decided to sell it as a product.

Clickfunnels review

Image from ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is a sales funnel builder that promises to turn visitors into customers by automating every aspect of your sales process. Unlike landing page builders, Clickfunnels allows you to build complete sales funnels.

Apart from giving you the tools to create sales funnels, ClickFunnels also takes care of funnel marketing and other digital marketing aspects of your online business such as building your email list.

Here is a quick list of all the tools that ClickFunnels offers to take care of your funnel building process from start to finish:

  • Website builder
  • Sales funnel builder
  • Website hosting
  • Content management system
  • Opt-in page/ form builder
  • Webinar builder
  • eCommerce site builder
  • Email marketing
  • Analytics and A/B testing

As you can see from this list, Clickfunnels not only helps you with your sales funnels but allows you to control the entire sales process for your online business.

What Makes ClickFunnels Stand Out From Landing Page Builders?

Landing page builders or sales funnel builders offer tools and templates to build high-converting landing pages for your business, and that’s it. They do not offer you a means to connect all the bits and pieces of your online marketing strategy.

With ClickFunnels, on the other hand, you can:

  • Create and manage an effective sales funnel
  • Choose from well-designed funnel templates and pre-built sales funnels
  • Add and manage integrations with ease
  • Capture leads with opt-in forms
  • Build and host webinars to grow your email list
  • Nurture your email list with highly targeted email sequences
  • Create and manage an affiliate program for your business (affiliate link tracking software)

ClickFunnels offers a lot of powerful features that other landing page builders like Leadpages do not.

ClickFunnels features

The Pros and Cons of ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels Pros

  1. Automate your sales processes without any coding skills.
  2. Drag-and-drop funnel builder makes it simple to build a high-converting sales funnel.
  3. A/B split testing capabilities help you make the most of your sales and marketing campaigns.
  4. Add and manage a wide selection of integrations.
  5. WordPress plugin allows you to add ClickFunnel sales pages to your website.
  6. It is a comprehensive business solution.

ClickFunnels Cons

Here are some of the drawbacks of ClickFunnels compared to other funnel builders like DropFunnels:

  1. ClickFunnels pricing plans are a little pricey, especially if you run a small business.
  2. Direct customer service below expectations.
  3. Heavy reliance on templates.
  4. Software outages prove to be expensive.
  5. Inconsistent user experience due to constant changes to the ClickFunnels dashboard.
  6. The steep learning curve can make it hard to master.

What You Need To Know Before You Invest in a Sales Funnel Builder

A marketing funnel takes your readers on a journey that ends in them turning into your customers. 

Imagine your website as a convenience store. 

The layout of your store takes each visitor on a journey.

Some visitors will enter your store, browse for a while, and then leave.

Others will enter, pick up what they need, pay for it, and step out.

Sometimes customers will come looking for an item and find other stuff they want to buy.

Are you thinking about your customers’ journey when they visit your sales page? Are you guiding them along and giving them what they need at every point?

If you’re unsure, then you haven’t given your sales funnels much thought – and that might cost you.

Marketing funnels are quite complex to build. It could take a skilled team weeks to come up with a tried-and-tested funnel that converts well.

otherwise complicated marketing technology

Using a funnel builder like ClickFunnels cuts down that time to as low as a couple of hours.

Who should use a marketing funnel builder? 

Business owners who want to automate and optimize their sales funnels. 

Is ClickFunnels a must-have for every business? The simple answer is no.

Large businesses can use ClickFunnels’ powerful features to skyrocket their sales.

But ClickFunnels is expensive, making it unsuitable for small business owners or startups. A simple landing page builder would make more sense in those cases.

ClickFunnels Features & Benefits

ClickFunnels is intuitive and offers the user a ton of control and flexibility.

Let’s take a look at some of the main features of ClickFunnels. 

1. ClickFunnels Page Builder

First off, let’s talk about one of the main features of ClickFunnels, its page builder.

The software has a pretty robust landing page builder, which happens to be one of its best features.

ClickFunnels has a well-organized library of high-converting funnel templates. Only the templates created by ClickFunnels are free for users.

ClickFunnels Page Builder

Image from ClickFunnels

One of the things I like about the page builder is that it allows you to save and edit your favorite templates. You can make basic changes to the template from within the editor.

Edit Template

Image from ClickFunnels

The template editor is an advanced, yet easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder.

Before you use this editor, you must understand how it works. 

The page structure includes three parts: sections, rows/columns, and elements.

You can have many sections within a single page. Each section consists of rows/ columns. Within these are elements that help your visitors interact with your sales page.

Here’s a diagram from the ClickFunnels site that explains the basic page structure:

Section/ Row/ Element

Image from ClickFunnels

When you use a template or create a sales page in the ClickFunnels editor, it will look something like this:

ClickFunnels editor

Image from ClickFunnels

You can fill this skeleton sales copy and other elements to finally form a landing page like this:

Landing page template

Image from ClickFunnels

Here’s a screenshot of how you will be able to manage the elements on your page (so you can get a feel of it):

Manage Elements

Image from ClickFunnels

You can edit colors, text, and settings while seeing mobile previews. You can also add your CSS, Javascript, and HTML codes to the template if you want to.

One drawback of the page builder is the grid of rows and columns within each section. This restricts you if you want to build your marketing funnel pages from scratch.

The page builder also allows you to A/B Split test your pages.

You can do this by duplicating a page and making changes to the copy. The split test lets you choose the percentage of your traffic that gets to see each version of the page. You can then test them to see which page converts better.

The page builder is thus a simple, intuitive tool that allows you to build effective sales pages.

2. Simplicity And User-Friendliness

One of the main selling points of ClickFunnels is its simplicity. 

The software helps busy business owners build high-converting sales funnels fast.

You need to have some experience in marketing to set up a successful funnel. But you can bridge the knowledge gap by learning some marketing basics before you set up a sales funnel. 

There are tons of resources (including Russell Brunson’s books) that will help you get up to speed – so that’s not an issue.

“Then what’s the point of using a tool?” you might ask.

Here are some reasons why setting up a sales funnel through ClickFunnels is wiser:

  • There is documentation online which will help you understand the tool better.
  • Customer service can help you troubleshoot.
  • ClickFunnels has a cohesive menu that helps you navigate through the creation process.
  • It’s way simpler to set up a sales funnel through ClickFunnels than it is to code a funnel from scratch. 
  • The streamlined dashboard and user interface make it a breeze to use.

3. Pre-made Sales Funnels

Each pre-made funnel caters to a certain business – be it consultation,  e-commerce, or B2B.

It is especially for those offering creative products, courses, or ebooks.

Here are some of the pre-made funnels that ClickFunnels offers:

Pre-made funnel templates

Image from ClickFunnels

They bring visitors into the sales funnel and convert them into customers with ease.

Each pre-made funnel is unique. You can set up VSL funnels, upsells, downsells, live demos, or tripwires. They take the guesswork out of your funnel creation process.

4. Host Online Courses With ClickFunnels’ Membership Funnels

ClickFunnels gives you all the tools you need to host your own online courses. You can do this by creating a membership funnel in ClickFunnels.

Membership funnels allow you to secure your online courses (or any other type of content) with membership accounts that are password-protected. That means only users who have signed up and paid for your online courses can view them securely through a membership account.

You can easily create these membership funnels in just a few clicks with the funnel templates in ClickFunnels.

To create a membership funnel, click on ‘Build Funnel’ either from the dashboard or the ClickFunnels drop-down menu:

new membership

Image from ClickFunnels

Next, choose ‘Sell Your Product’ and select the type of product as ‘Membership’:

select 'Sell Your Product'

Image from ClickFunnels

Select 'Membership'

Image from ClickFunnels

Once you have done these steps, you will need to name your membership funnel and click on ‘Build Funnel’.

You will then need to select page templates for your ‘Membership Access’ and ‘Membership Area’ pages:

'Membership Access' and 'Membership Area' pages

Image from ClickFunnels

Once you’ve set these pages up, you’re all set to create your first online course on ClickFunnels!

5. Launch a New Product With ClickFunnels’ Product Launch Funnel

One of Clickfunnels’ key features is its Product Launch Funnel. The Product Launch Funnel is one of the core funnels you get when you set up a Clickfunnels account. The funnel can be used by all types of online businesses to sell their products to potential customers.

The PLF Funnel is a 5-page funnel based on Jeff Walker’s PLF pages and comes free with a ClickFunnels account. All you need to do is customize these funnel templates to bring awareness to your product so that you can nurture your prospects by the time you launch your product.

clickfunnels product launch funnel

Image from ClickFunnels

The idea is to send cold traffic a series of extremely valuable videos that will help them solve a problem and bring them results. When your audience starts investing time into your videos and learning (and hopefully implementing) something valuable from your free videos, they will most probably invest money in your paid product to get even more results.

The Product Launch Funnel is highly customizable and is perfect for high-ticket products such as webinars, workshops, online courses, coaching, or books.

6. Build an Email List With ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels helps you generate leads and add them to your email list by integrating with most of the email marketing software available on the market.

An easy way to build your email list is by offering your prospective customers a valuable freebie in exchange for their email addresses. Instead of just setting up an ad online and hoping that it leads to email subscribers, you can set up a marketing campaign using ClickFunnels offering a free incentive to your email subscribers.

You can do this with the tons of funnel templates and the drag-and-drop editor that ClickFunnels offers users. You can then integrate this marketing campaign with your favorite email marketing tool so that you can easily nurture your email list and further grow it.

ClickFunnels has its own email autoresponder feature called Actionetics that allows you to:

  • import your existing contacts
import your existing contacts

Image from ClickFunnels

  • create new tags for your email subscribers and add them as triggers in your Action Funnels
create new tags

Image from ClickFunnels

add tags as triggers in Action Funnels

Image from ClickFunnels

  • build email autoresponders
build autoresponders

Image from ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels also integrates with top email marketing tools like ConvertKit, Aweber, Drip, and MailChimp.

7. Create Up-Sells and Down-Sells For Your Product

Up-sells and down-sells are a great way to increase profits from a sale (called an up-sell) or offer customers a lower-priced product if they do not complete a purchase on your site (called a down-sell).

Clickfunnels offers up-sell and down-sell funnel templates that you can customize to suit your offer when you sell your products online.

To create an up-sell product page, select ‘Sales Page’ from the funnel step list in your ClickFunnels account:

Creating up-sells and down-sells in ClickFunnels

Image from ClickFunnels

Then click Products > Add Product >enter your product details > Create Product.

8. Share Your Funnels with Other Users

ClickFunnels allows users to share their created funnels with each other. This makes it easy for you if you create funnels for various clients or if you want to earn some money through ClickFunnels’ own affiliate program.

Shared funnels are free for ClickFunnels users, but if someone without a ClickFunnels account wants to use your funnel, you can earn a commission if they sign up to ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels share funnels

Image from ClickFunnels

9. A/B Test Your Funnels and Campaigns With ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels offers split testing features so that you can A/B test your funnels, ads, landing pages, order forms, and other elements of your marketing and sales campaigns.

With a split test, you can test the conversion rates for two variations of each page in your funnels. You can create variations in design style or copy and test them to see which variation converts better.

A/B split testing with ClickFunnels

Image from ClickFunnels

10. Track Sales Data With Integrated Analytics

The Sales Analytics feature of ClickFunnels helps you keep track of and analyze all your sales data. Instead of relying on other platforms to gather data such as where your customers are coming from and which are your most popular products, ClickFunnels gives you all the information you need in a single platform.

Clickfunnels makes it easy for you to integrate all your marketing and sales campaigns and analyze data to see which ones are working well. This will help you focus on improving your best campaigns and scrap those campaigns that aren’t worth continuing.

You can add Tracking Pixels from Google Analytics or Facebook to collect data from your visitors.

11. Customer Support

ClickFunnels’ customer support team has had mixed responses from users. 

Customer service is one area they need to improve upon. Although, there are some aspects of their support that are unique and remarkable. 

Documentation/ Help Articles:

Their on-site documentation is simple, yet comprehensive.

There are separate categories of articles covering a wide variety of topics. You can look up something on your own, without having to reach out to customer support.

Documentation for ClickFunnels

Image from ClickFunnels

Facebook Community:

ClickFunnels has a dedicated Facebook group with more than a quarter-million members. According to the admin, the group is for members to:

  • Network and become a part of the community
  • Share ideas, successes, and inspiration with each other
  • Get updates on ClickFunnels its founder, Russell Brunson
  • Ask questions about ClickFunnels, marketing, and business in general
Facebook community

Image from ClickFunnels

The group is active and is the first place most users go to if they have a query or need to troubleshoot.

That makes it a solid support base of users who work with ClickFunnels.


Funnelflix began with the idea of becoming a Netflix for ClickFunnels users. 

It is a collection of online video courses and training modules. Users can learn about topics like business strategy, marketing systems, and sales funnels.


Image from ClickFunnels

It may seem helpful, but is overwhelming when you try to find actionable information.

ClickFunnels Podcast:

The ClickFunnels podcast features a new guest on every episode. These are usually people who have made millions of dollars from sales funnels. They share their ideas and tips on how others can do the same.

Each episode lasts 20-30 minutes. There is a call-to-action at the end that gives the audience share funnels. These are funnels that you can add to your account and use in your business immediately.

ClickFunnels podcast

Image from ClickFunnels

The podcast has actionable items that will help customers improve their marketing funnels. It also offers benefits like tickets to live and virtual ClickFunnels events.

ClickFunnels Blog:

The ClickFunnels blog has many categories. It covers topics like conversion optimization, editor features, and funnel strategy.

ClickFunnels blog

Image from ClickFunnels

Chat Support:

The ClickFunnels site has chat support for both site visitors as well as customers. 

There is a chatbox at the bottom-left corner of the screen you can use to resolve basic queries.

ClickFunnels chat support

Image from ClickFunnels

For paying customers, there is a chat feature inside the dashboard once the user has logged in. This is not helpful for advanced troubleshooting and questions, which I find disappointing.

ClickFunnels forums

Image from ClickFunnels

Many online reviews say that they have been unresponsive or unable to provide help. 

ClickFunnels has tried to offer customer support in different formats. Unfortunately, the sheer volume of information can be overwhelming.

12. ClickFunnels Integration Management System

You can integrate marketing software into your account. This could be anything from email marketing to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software or any other marketing tools.

For example, you can integrate the GetResponse autoresponder into your account.

Below is a screenshot of the integrations panel in ClickFunnels. You can add integrations from the list and set them up.

ClickFunnels integration management system

Image from ClickFunnels

Managing integrations within the ClickFunnels software is also quite simple.

Payment gateway integrations have a separate section altogether. They allow you to add payment methods to your funnels.

You can integrate payment gateways like Stripe, Infusionsoft, and Easy Pay Direct.

13. ClickFunnels Platinum

This review will not be complete if I don’t talk about ClickFunnels Platinum. 

The plan offers the basic ClickFunnels features + Followup Funnels and Backpack.

Followup Funnels is a complex email autoresponder. It uses smart analytics to help you with smart auto-responding.

Backpack is a tool that helps manage affiliate programs.

The added benefits of the Platinum plan complicate things. Especially when you don’t have the time to figure everything out.

ClickFunnels’ Pricing Plans

We’ve covered all the features of ClickFunnels and how you can use them. Now let’s talk about their pricing plans.

ClickFunnels has two plans – Standard and Platinum.

The Standard plan starts at $97 a month, while the Platinum plan starts at $297 a month. You can make use of their 14-day free trial before you commit to paying for it.

You can also pay for either plan for a whole year upfront. This brings down the cost to $997 for ClickFunnels and $2,997 for ClickFunnels Platinum.

Here is the full list of features that come with both of ClickFunnel’s plans:

ClickFunnels pricing plans

Image from ClickFunnels

Both plans have the same features, although the basic plan has limits.

The Platinum plan comes with Follow-Up funnels and Backpack as discussed earlier. The plan also offers priority chat support and extra resources in Funnelflix.

ClickFunnels is way more than a landing page builder, which justifies its price. It aims to improve your sales funnels and bring you a higher income, making it a worthy investment to me.

But I wouldn’t recommend shelling out so much on a funnel builder if you are a startup without a big budget.

ClickFunnels Free Trial

Don’t think you’re ready to invest in ClickFunnels? No worries.

You could try out ClickFunnels FREE for 14 days to see if it’s something that will be useful for your business.

ClickFunnels offers a 14-day free trial for new users with all its features so that you can try out ClickFunnels without any commitment or risks. Just choose the pricing plan you wish to use and sign up for a free 14-day trial.

You only need your email address and password to sign up for the trial and it takes a few minutes before you can set up your ClickFunnels account and start building your first sales funnel.

Click here to sign up for the ClickFunnels 14-day FREE trial.

So, Should You Get ClickFunnels?

Sales funnels should make you money with the least amount of friction or hassle.

When you design a marketing funnel, it can be tough to think of everything. What are all the possible scenarios a customer would fall out of the funnel? How can you prevent that from happening?

You need a fool-proof strategy to convert visitors into paying customers. You also have to target customers who seem to have lost interest in your products or company.

ClickFunnels helps you design efficient marketing funnels. They give your customers a great user experience while helping you make sales.

Click here to check out ClickFunnels by using their 14-Day FREE trial!


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