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11 Best Affiliate Tracking Software Solutions To Boost Your Conversions!

best affiliate tracking software

If you own an affiliate marketing business, you must know by now that it is hard to keep track of every affiliate marketing program you are a part of.

As an affiliate marketer, I’m always on the lookout for the best affiliate tracking software in the market.

I recommend ClickMagick for its advanced features such as ClickMagick Campaigns for analyzing even the most elaborate sales funnels and ClickMagick Audience Optimization for helping you find better customers.

You can check out my full ClickMagick review here.

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Affiliate marketing spending in the US rose from 4.21 billion USD in 2015 to 6.82 billion USD in 2020.

Affiliate marketing spending in the US (2015-2020)

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Affiliate management or commission management is crucial when you do affiliate marketing because you need to track which of your links are bringing you the most income.

You also need to figure out ways to make low-performing links work better for you.

An easy way to do this?

Affiliate tracking software solutions.

With software that keeps track of your affiliate programs for your brand, you can spend your time focusing on other important aspects of your digital marketing – and stop wasting time on checking each of your affiliate links.

That is why most affiliates use affiliate management software for their affiliate rules monitoring businesses.

In today’s post, I’ll list out the best affiliate marketing software that will help you skyrocket your affiliate sales.

Let’s get right to it.

Disclaimer: If you buy something using the links in this article, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

Know that I only promote stuff that I use and trust for the sake of my readers and the reputation of this site.

Affiliate Program Reviews

1. ClickMagick


ClickMagick is an affiliate network and campaign management software that allows you to track and analyze your affiliate marketing campaigns.

This affiliate management software has many advanced features to track your commission payout and other affiliate marketing metrics so that you can get the best out of your affiliate program.

ClickMagick Main Page

ClickMagick Key Features:

ClickMagick features

– Tracking pixels and cookies for accurate attribution of sales and leads.

– A/B split testing to help you optimize your campaigns for maximum conversions.

– Geotargeting to ensure that your ads are being shown to the right people in the right places.

– Campaign tracking so that you can see how each campaign is performing and how much money it’s making (or losing).

– Rotators to help you get the most out of every ad spend and test multiple offers at once.

– A wide variety of integrations with other software, including CRMs, shopping carts, and email marketing platforms.

– Detailed reports that show you how your campaigns are performing so you can make necessary adjustments.

– 24/seven customer support from a team of experts who know the ClickMagick platform inside and out.

These are just some of the features that make ClickMagick one of the best affiliate tracking software solutions.

ClickMagick Pricing:

ClickMagick has a free 14-day trial.

ClickMagick is a cheap affiliate tracking software that has three paid plans:

Starter Plan$37 per month (up to 10,000 clicks per month, 1 sale funnel, 2 custom tracking domains, 6-month data retention, and 8-hour helpdesk support)

Standard Plan$77 per month (up to 100,000 clicks per month, cross-device tracking, phone/offline sales tracking, Audience Optimization features, PPC Click Shield, 5 sales funnels, 10 custom tracking domains, 1-year data retention, excellent helpdesk/ support options, and a 1-on-1 boarding call)

Pro Plan$197 per month (up to 1 million clicks per month, all the features in the Standard Plan plus unlimited funnel tracking, unlimited custom domains, and 2-year data retention)

ClickMagick Pricing

ClickMagick Pros:

  • Automatic sales funnels tracking without needing any user intervention.
  • Incredibly fast and accurate tracking in just a few clicks.
  • No need for external servers.
  • Postback URL helps track conversions without pixels.
  • The batch editor allows you to edit multiple links at the same time.

ClickMagick Cons:

  • There is a steep learning curve if you are a beginner.
  • No live chat support, which makes it hard to resolve queries quickly.

You can check out my full ClickMagick review here.

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2. AnyTrack


AnyTrack is an affiliate tracking platform that helps you sync your conversion data with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and ad networks so that you can easily track and analyze your affiliate program links, affiliate networks, and conversions.

AnyTrack is leveraged by numerous big affiliate networks.AnyTrack Main Page

AnyTrack Key Features:

AnyTrack features

AnyTrack is one of the best affiliate software with the following affiliate management features:

– This affiliate software allows integration with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and other ad networks.

– AnyTrack helps you gather conversion data (whether its from your website or your new podcast) with affiliate network tracking.

– Custom audience building for more efficient retargeting and affiliate marketing campaigns.

– Webhooks allows you to send conversion data to third-party tools like Zapier.

– It is a top affiliate tracking software for affiliates and merchants

– Advanced tracking features and reports

– Real-time tracking of sales, leads, and conversions

– Easy integration with major shopping carts and platforms

– Free trial available!

AnyTrack Pricing:

AnyTrack has a free trial with the following features:

  • 1 Website
  • 1 Integration
  • Up To 5,000 Sessions
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Facebook Pixel Integration

Here are AnyTrack’s paid plans:

Basic$50 per month (1 website, 1 Integration, 3 Months of Data Retention, 1 Ad Network Support, 50,000 Sessions)

Personal$150 per month (3 websites, Unlimited Integrations, 12 Months of Data Retention, 500,000 Sessions)

Advanced$300 per month (10 websites, Unlimited Integrations, 36 Months of Data Retention, 3,000,000 Sessions)

AnyTrack Pricing

AnyTrack Pros:

  • AnyTrack is easy to set up and use and so is perfect for newbies.
  • AnyTrack is lightweight, so it won’t slow down your site or decrease conversions.
  • This is one of the best affiliate tracking software with a simple yet comprehensive dashboard.
  • Extensive customer support.


AnyTrack Cons:

  • AnyTrack does not have predictive analysis.
  • This affiliate marketing solution does not offer customer journey mapping, which makes it not suitable for tracking funnel conversions efficiently.
  • Although their customer support is exceptional, they do not have live chat support, which would have made resolving queries much faster.

Click here to try out AnyTrack.

3. Tapfiliate


Tapfiliate is an affiliate marketing platform that allows you to create, track, and optimize your affiliate marketing programs and affiliate networks.

This marketing tracking software can support more than 30 integrations like Zapier, Shopify, SquareSpace, etc.

Tapfiliate Main Page

Tapfiliate Key Features:

Tapfiliate features

– Integrates with more than 30 platforms including Zapier, Shopify, WooCommerce, SquareSpace, Stripe, PayPal, Weebly, SendOwl, and more.

– Simple, intuitive marketing tracking software makes it easy to set up, even for newbies.

– The company has an affiliate market that acts as a brand directory.

– Accessible and comprehensive dashboard that helps users easily track and optimize affiliate marketing strategies.

– Subscription-based affiliate program: pay only for active affiliates. No commission on inactive affiliates!

– Easy to use and visually pleasing interface.

– Customizable design, branding, and fonts.

– Automated real-time reporting of your sales data & traffic sources in one dashboard. You can also filter the data with this feature.

– Unlimited number of affiliates you can add to your account.

– Customizable reports with automated data import from your CRM system or other sources of information (such as Google Analytics). You can export these reports as PDFs for easy sharing and printing too!

Tapfiliate Pricing:

Tapfiliate has a 14-day free trial for its Essential and Pro plans.

Tapfiliate has three paid plans:

Essential$69 per month (200,000 clicks per month, 1000 affiliates, 1 team member)

Pro$149 per month (500,000 clicks per month, 10,000 affiliates, 5 team members)

EnterpriseCustom Billing (Unlimited clicks per month, unlimited affiliates, unlimited team members)

Tapfiliate Pricing

Tapfiliate Pros:

  • This affiliate marketing software is easy to set up and use from the get-go.
  • The affiliate software has a flexible commission structure, making it easy to customize different modes of payout to affiliates.
  • Tapfiliate has an affiliates referral program.
  • The affiliate tracking software has an accessible and intuitive dashboard.
  • Tapfiliate integrates with multiple platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, PayPal, etc.
  • The marketing tracking software is available in multiple languages.


Tapfiliate Cons:

  • There is no demo of the features available on the Tapfiliate site.
  • Tapfiliate does not have an in-built newsletter feature.
  • The affiliate tracking software has a slight learning curve when you first start to use it.

Click here to try out Tapfiliate.

4. LinkTrust


LinkTrust affiliate tracking software helps advertisers and affiliate marketers to manage and track media buying and affiliate marketing efforts to increase conversions.

With this affiliate management software, marketing agencies can make mass payments and payment status communications to many affiliates.

LinkTrust helps you in campaign optimization and its simple user interface helps you manage affiliate sales.

LinkTrust can help you set up a successful affiliate marketing campaign.

LinkTrust Main Page

LinkTrust Key Features:

LinkTrust features

– Easily create and manage affiliate programs

– Fully customizable tracking links

– Real-time reporting on clicks, conversions, and commissions

– Automatic creation of commission reports

– Dedicated account management team to help you get the most out of your program.

– Campaign management tools to help you increase your profits while reducing costs and effort.

– Integrate with third-party systems like Google Analytics, Salesforce CRM, and many more via API or Zapier integration. They have a wide range of software solutions for businesses that need an affordable way to track their affiliates’ performance in real-time.

– Plus, their customer service team is always happy to help if you have any questions.

LinkTrust Pricing:

LinkTrust does not have a free trial, although you can contact them to set up a demo for you through screen share.

LinkTrust has three paid plans:

Starter$339 per month (5 Campaigns, 50 Partners, 50k Clicks)

Professional$549 per month (50 Campaigns, 500 Partners, 500k Clicks)

Enterprise$879 per month (Unlimited Campaigns, Unlimited Partners, 1M Clicks)

All paid plans work out to be cheaper if paid annually.

LinkTrust Pricing

LinkTrust Pros:

  • Easy to use interface, great for beginners
  • Less expensive affiliate management platform compared to other affiliate marketing software
  • Great system with an impressive list of features


LinkTrust Cons:

  • No alert system to let you know that you have overspent your monthly allocation, leading to additional overage costs.
  • Shorter data retention time, so you will have to back up your data to avoid losing it.

Click here to try out LinkTrust.

5. Voluum


Voluum is one of the affiliate marketing tracking platforms that makes commission payout and managing affiliate partners program extremely simple.

With Voluum, you can track affiliate links, analyze, optimize, and automate the management of your affiliate platforms easily.

Voluum Main Page

Voluum Key Features:

Voluum features

– Ease of use – you can create and manage campaigns in minutes

– Diverse traffic sources support – Voluum integrates with all major ad networks and tracking pixels

– Real-time campaign stats – track your results as they happen

– Detailed reports – understand what’s working and what’s not to optimize your campaigns

– A/B testing – Voluum’s built-in A/B testing helps you find your highest converting offer

– Smart links – let Voluum automatically choose the best landing page based on GEO, traffic source, and more. Great for international campaigns!

– 24/seven support – get help whenever you need it, from our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Voluum Pricing:

Voluum offers a free trial in the form of a 7-day demo.

Voluum has four paid plans:

Discover $69 per month (3 Months of Data Retention, 20 Active Campaigns, Custom Domains Limit: 1)

Profit$149 per month (6 Months of Data Retention, Unlimited Active Campaigns, Custom Domains Limit: 3)

Grow$449 per month (12 Months of Data Retention, Unlimited Active Campaigns, Custom Domains Limit: 5)

AgencyStarting from $999 per month (Unlimited traffic tracking, Custom no. of included events, Fully customizable features & usage parameters, On-demand Skype Account Management)

Voluum Pricing

Voluum Pros:

  • You can track ad campaigns, third-party offers, and build marketing funnels and sales funnels with Voluum.
  • Voluum gives you over 30 data points for each visit, helping you to get a more in-depth analysis of your marketing campaigns.
  • Voluum allows you to optimize ad performance or affiliate performance by running A/B testing so that you can create rules and advanced targeting metrics.
  • Voluum’s AI tools help you redistribute traffic to your highest-performing campaign elements.


Voluum Cons:

  • Pricing is high compared to competitors
  • The user interface is quite overwhelming if you are a beginner
  • There is no free trial for Voluum – they only offer a 7-day demo of its features.
  • Short data retention for the lower-priced plans.
  • Slow customer support if you are on the low price plans.

Click here to try out Voluum.

6. TUNE Partner Marketing Platform


TUNE Partner Marketing Platform is yet another marketing software that helps your affiliate business track and analyze advertising campaigns and manage commission management for affiliates.

Tune Partner Marketing Platform has features such as fraud detection and click-tracking that keep track of your high-performing affiliate campaigns.

TUNE Main Page

TUNE Partner Marketing Platform Key Features:

TUNE features

– Easy use interface

– Robust reporting functionality

– Detailed insights into customer behavior

– Powerful tools for optimization and analysis

– Extensive partner management capabilities

– Comprehensive affiliate fraud detection and prevention features

– Affordable pricing plans that fit any budget”

– Integrations with leading ad networks, mobile analytics providers, and tracking solutions

– World-class customer support

– Free community access to TUNE University.

TUNE Partner Marketing Platform Pricing:

TUNE has a 30-day free trial.

TUNE Partner Marketing Platform has four paid plans:

Bootstrap$499 per month (1,000 conversions per month, partner payment preparation, and invoicing)

Startup$879 per month (2,500 conversions per month, consolidated partner payments)

Scale$1,500 per month (5,000 conversions per month, consolidated partner payments)

ContractCustom pricing (5,000+ conversions per month, consolidated partner payments)

TUNE Partner Marketing Platform Pricing

TUNE Partner Marketing Platform Pros:

  • Easy to use dashboard and report building feature
  • TUNE Partner Marketing Platform constantly takes feedback from its users and improves its affiliate marketing platform.


TUNE Partner Marketing Platform Cons:

  • Expensive compared to other alternatives
  • It has a steep learning curve when you start using the platform
  • Data size limits reduce the data range for the reports

Click here to try out TUNE.

7. Link Trackr


LinkTrackr is one of the best affiliate software in the market today and it was developed by Kash Media.

LinkTrackr is an affiliate tracking software that helps you create or cloak affiliate links.

Apart from tracking links, LinkTrackr allows users to split test them as well.

This tracking platform makes affiliate management easy for affiliates.

Here are the key features of this affiliate marketing tool.

LinkTrackr Main Page

LinkTrackr Key Features:

LinkTrackr features

– Robust affiliate tracking and management system

– Detailed real-time reports and analytics

– Easy integration with major shopping carts and platforms

– 24/ support for affiliates and merchants alike

– Lowest pricing in the market!

LinkTrackr Pricing:

LinkTrackr does not offer users a free trial.

Although it is not a free affiliate link tracker, LinkTrackr offers a cheap basic plan. LinkTrackr has four plans:

Basic$17/ month ($7 if billed annually)

100 links and 10,000 clicks per month.

Pro$27/ month ($17 if billed annually)

500 links and 50,000 clicks per month.

Hyper$47/ month ($27 if billed annually)

1,000 links and 100,000 clicks per month.

Extreme$77/ month ($47 if billed annually)

5,000 links and 500,000 clicks per month.

LinkTrackr Pricing

LinkTrackr Pros:

  • Link cloaking without the need for a WordPress plugin for your site.
  • Links still work even if your website is down.
  • You can use a custom domain for your links instead of your main domain.
  • User-friendly interface that helps you track and monitor your conversions effectively.
  • You can view real-time link statistics from the dashboard.


LinkTrackr Cons:

  • Lacks advanced and more sophisticated features that other tracking tools have.
  • It does not offer a free affiliate tracking script.

Click here to try out LinkTrackr.

8. ClickMeter


ClickMeter is one of the best affiliate tracking software in the affiliate marketing industry.

ClickMeter allows you to monitor, and analyze your affiliate marketing campaigns by compiling the results of your affiliate marketing process in a comprehensive report.

ClickMeter is affiliate software that helps you analyze each affiliate program in real-time by link tracking and affiliate management.

If you would like to manage your affiliate networks easily, this is a great software to use.

ClickMeter Main Page

ClickMeter Key Features:

ClickMeter features

– Real-time tracking of clicks and conversions

– Easily integrates with all major platforms

– Comprehensive reports and analysis tools

– A/B testing for optimum conversion rates

– 24/Seven customer support via live chat, email, or phone.

– Low monthly fee, no setup or hidden costs.

– Powerful API for developers, plugins, and integrations.

ClickMeter Pricing:

ClickMeter does not have a free trial, but they do offer a money-back guarantee.

The tracking platform has three pricing plans:

Medium – Starting at $29 per month

5,000 events per month, 500 data points, and 1-year data retention.

Large – Starting at $99 per month

200,000 events per month, 20,000 data points, and 2-year data retention.

X-Large – Starting at $349 per month

2,000,000 events per month, 200,000 data points, and 3-year data retention.

ClickMeter Pricing

Each plan is scalable depending upon the events per month and the number of data points.

ClickMeter Pros:

  • ClickMeter has over 100 features that help users track and monitor every affiliate program.
  • It has an intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard.
  • ClickMeter creates pixels to help track blog posts.
  • ClickMeter has API.
  • The affiliate tracking software has multiple click detection and reliable bot flagging.
  • 24-hour support staff.


ClickMeter Cons:

  • The data expires after a certain time frame.
  • ClickMeter plans are expensive compared to other affiliate tracking software solutions.

Click here to try out ClickMeter.

9. Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is another one of the best affiliate tracking software that helps you in affiliate management and referral tracking for your business.

This affiliate tracking software is intuitive, fast, accurate, and highly scalable.

Post Affiliate Pro Main Page

Post Affiliate Pro Features:

Post Affiliate Pro Features

– Easy to use and configure

– Robust affiliate tracking system

– Detailed conversion tracking

– Real-time reporting

– Automated commission payments

– Wide range of integrations with other software platforms

– In-depth affiliate marketing training

– Advanced coupon tracking system

– Multi-tier commission payouts to affiliates, merchants, and networks

– White label software for reselling to clients as a service provider

– FREE hosted version for small businesses with up to 100 transactions per month.

Post Affiliate Pro Pricing:

Post Affiliate Pro has a 14-day free trial for its plans.

Post Affiliate Pro has three paid plans:

Pro$97 per month (Full setup + website integration, unlimited affiliates, 1M tracking requests/month)

Ultimate$197 per month (Premium setup + website integration, unlimited affiliates, 5M tracking requests/month)

Network$477 per month (Out of the box affiliate network software, unlimited affiliates, unlimited merchants, 20M tracking requests/month)

Post Affiliate Pro Pricing
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Post Affiliate Pro Pros:

  • The easy user interface makes it simple for both affiliates and merchants to use.
  • You can generate dynamic affiliate links makes creating affiliate accounts hassle-free.
  • The affiliate tracking system has great customer support.
  • Flexible commission structure to vary payouts between affiliates depending on their performance.

 Post Affiliate Pro Cons:

  • Clunky and slightly outdated merchant dashboard.
  • Monthly payouts need to be done manually.

Click here to try out Post Affiliate Pro.

10. Refersion


Refersion is an affiliate marketing tool and commission management software that helps you manage and track your affiliate marketing programs with ease.

This affiliate tracking software helps you track affiliate payments of your products and automate commissions.

Refersion Main Page

Refersion Key Features:

Refersion features

– Easy use interface

– Robust tracking and reporting

– Detailed conversion tracking

– Real-time commission alerts

– Automatic affiliate payments

– Customizable referral program rules

– Comprehensive fraud detection: Refersion’s advanced fraud detection tools provide deep insight into your trackier partner marketing platform and help you prevent fraud before it happens.

– Flexible payment methods: Pay affiliates how and when you want to use PayPal, Stripe, or custom payout options. Refersion offers the most flexible payment options to fit your needs.

– API and integrations: Integrate Refersion with your existing website or eCommerce platform using our easy-to-use API. We also offer a wide range of pre-built integrations for the most popular platforms.

Refersion Pricing:

Refersion offers a 14-day free trial.

Refersion has two paid plans:

Professional$89 per month (Track up to 130 affiliate orders per month)

EnterpriseCustomized billing (Track unlimited orders per month)

Refersion Pricing

Refersion Pros:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Real-time, accurate affiliate tracking
  • Integration with all major e-commerce platforms
  • Good customer support

Refersion Cons:

Click here to try out Refersion.

11. Kintura


Kintura is another one of the best affiliate tracking software that helps you track and optimize your successful affiliate program so that you can focus your efforts in the right direction.

Kintura evaluates real-time user-action in your sales funnels to help you find out the best conversion strategies for your business development.

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Kintura Key Features:

Kintura features

– Real-time tracking of clicks, impressions, and conversions

– Advanced reporting and analysis capabilities

– A customizable interface that can be tailored to match your branding

– Integrated payment processing so you can get paid quickly and easily

– Support for a wide variety of affiliate programs, including both traditional and performance-based models

– 24/hour customer service with live chat and email support

– Free trials for all plans so you’ll never pay more than what’s absolutely necessary.

Kintura Pricing:

Kintura has a 14-day free trial for each of its paid plans.

Kintura has four plans:

GrowthFREE forever (Real AI, 1,000,000 included events/month, single user)

Basic$199 per month (Real AI, $10k/mo ad spend, 3,000,000 included events/month, 5 users)

Agency$499 per month (Real AI, $50k/mo ad spend, 10,000,000 included events/month, 10 users)

Enterprise$999 per month (Real AI, $100k/mo ad spend, 20,000,000 included events/month, 20 users)

Kintura Pricing

Kintura Pros:

  • Kintura AI helps you make the most of your affiliate program by training your campaign model
  • Helpful customer support
  • Less expensive compared to competitors


Kintura Cons:

  • There is no money-back guarantee with Kintura’s plans. That means if you are not satisfied with the service you cannot get back your money.

Click here to try out Kintura.

Buying Guide To Help You Choose The Best Affiliate Tracking Software

Did you know that advertisers generate up to 30% of their sales through affiliate marketing programs?

If you are curious about the affiliate industry, here are some other interesting facts about affiliate marketing:

Affiliate Marketing Stats

Image Source

Affiliate Marketing is when affiliates earn a commission for products that they sell through their affiliate links.

As an e-commerce or SaaS company, an affiliate program is an efficient and cost-effective way to increase sales.

However, it can be hard to manage your affiliate marketing campaigns without the help of the best affiliate tracking software.

Marketers use marketing tracking software or an affiliate marketing platform to manage commissions and sales made by media buyers and affiliates.

In this buyer’s guide, I will show you what features and benefits you must look for in affiliate marketing software.

But before that, let’s first take a look at what affiliate tracking is.

What is Affiliate Tracking?

Affiliate tracking is the management and tracking of affiliate marketing activities for your business, usually through the use of affiliate tracking software.

A good affiliate marketing software or marketing tracking software has the following features:

  • Conversion tracking
  • Fraud detection
  • Affiliate onboarding
  • Ad tracking
  • Part referral tracking (referral program tracking)
  • API integration

How Does Affiliate Tracking Software Work?

If you are wondering how to keep track of affiliate programs, you can do it using marketing tracking software.

An affiliate software needs to help you:

  • create offers and affiliate links,
  • sign up and onboard affiliates,
  • boost your business marketing efforts,
  • track and pay commissions to marketing partnerships

How Do You Choose The Best Affiliate Software?

There are many features you need for affiliate management. Affiliate software should:

  • Have a free trial so you can test out the features and see whether it is right for you.
  • Be easy to integrate with other tools.
  • Be able to run multiple campaigns and do split testing.
  • Allow affiliate tracking even without using cookies.
  • Have a good phone, chat, and email support, team.

An affiliate marketing tracking software can help you keep track of your affiliate marketers and media buyers.

The best affiliate tracking software according to me is ClickMagick!

Click here to try ClickMagick today!

Affordable and with a ton of great features, ClickMagick is one of the best affiliate tracking software for beginners and experts alike.

You can check out the full ClickMagick review here.

Consider your options and your affiliate marketing budget and choose one to increase your affiliate sales.

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