3D printing tools

23 Best 3D Printing Tools For A 3D Printing Professional

3D printing tools

As a 3D printing professional, you know that having the right tools is essential for quality 3d printing.

This article will list the 23 best 3D printing tools for professionals. These tools include everything from adhesives and carving tools to finishing and cleaning supplies. These essential tools will help you produce high-quality 3D-printed products that your customers will love!

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23 3D Printing Tools To Add To Your 3D Printing Toolkit

Here is a list of all the essential items you will need in your 3D printing toolkit for all your projects:

1. Glue & Other Adhesives

Many different adhesives can be used for bonding PLA together, but the three most popular ones are listed below:

PVA Glue: PVA is a white glue that works great for joining PLA parts or multiple prints together. You can buy PVA glue here on Amazon.

PVA Glue - 3D printing tools

Super Glue: Super glue is suitable for small gaps and hard-to-reach places.

Super Glue

Hair Spray: Hair spray can be used as a primer to make the paint stick better to PLA.

Hair Spray

2. Print Removal Tool

A print removal tool is one of the most basic tools in your kit, and you have several options to choose from.

Print removal tool

For example, a spatula or palette knife is a specific tool for removing prints from the build plate, while you can use a utility knife or X-Acto knife or even a Swiss army knife to remove support material.

3. Deburring Tool/Knife And Cutting Mat:

A deburring tool or knife removes any sharp edges from your prints. You can also use it for removing support material from your finished 3D image. Choose a deburring tool that is comfortable for you to use and that will not damage your prints.

Deburring tool

A cutting mat is also helpful for protecting your work surface from cuts.

Cutting Mat

4. Needle Nose Pliers & Tweezers:

Needle nose pliers and tweezers are great for removing small objects from your printer bed or build plate. You can also use them to remove supports from your prints.

Needle Nose Pliers

5. Tape:

Tape is essential for keeping your prints stuck to the build plate or bed. It also helps to prevent warping and curling. In addition, you can use video to fix other electronic components to your 3D prints.

You can choose to use Blue tape/ Painter’s Tape/ Masking Tape/ Kapton Tape for your 3D printing projects.

Blue tape/ painter's tape

6. Digital Caliper:

A digital caliper is a must-have tool for measuring your prints. You can also use it to measure the thickness of your filament.

Digital Caliper

7. Sandpaper/ Cordless Rotary Tool:

You can use sandpaper and a cordless rotary tool to smooth out your prints’ surface and rough edges.


You can also use them to remove support material and to help produce precise measurements in your 3D-printed parts.

Cordless Rotary Tool

8. Screwdrivers/Hex Key Wrench Set:

 To assemble and disassemble your printer, you can use Screwdrivers and hex key wrenches. You can also use them to adjust settings on your printer.

Hex key wrenches

9. Desiccant and re-sealable bags:

Desiccant helps to absorb moisture from the air. It is essential for preventing your filament from drying out and becoming brittle. You can use re-sealable bags to store your filament.


10. Extra Filament:

Of course, you’ll need a filament to print! Many filament types are available, so you’ll need to choose the right one for your project.

Extra Filament

11. Wire Brush Cleaner:

A wire brush cleaner is an excellent tool for cleaning your printer bed or build plate. You may use it to clean off the dirt from your prints.

Wire Brush Cleaner

12. Paper Towels & Wipes:

Paper towels and wipes are essential for keeping your printer clean. Also, you can use it to clean your prints of extra plastic.

Paper towels

13. Wire Cutter:

A wire cutter is an excellent tool for cutting filament. Additionally, you may use it to cut supports out of your prints.

Wire cutter

14. Filament Storage Container/ Vacuum Sealed Storage Containers:

Filament or vacuum-sealed storage containers are a great way to keep your filament fresh. But, of course, you can also keep your prints on them.

Filament Storage Container

15. Nozzle Cleaning Kit:

A nozzle cleaning kit, knife cleaning tools, or nozzle needle cleaners are essential for keeping your printer’s nozzle clean. It is vital for preventing clogs and ensuring that your prints are of the highest quality.

Nozzle Cleaning Kit

16. Soldering Iron:

You can remove the supports from your prints with a soldering iron. Likewise, it can repair broken parts.

Soldering iron

17. Nozzles:

You’ll need a variety of nozzles to print with different materials. Choose the proper nozzle for your project.


18. Extra Print Beds/ Borosilicate Glass Bed:

Extra print beds or a borosilicate glass bed are great for keeping your prints from warping. Additionally, they print many designs on materials that need a high temperature.

Print bed

19. Spanners and Wrenches for Nozzle Change:

You can change the nozzle of your printer using spanners and wrenches. Moreover, they can tighten or loosen screws.

Wrenches for nozzle

20. Cable Zip Ties and Clamps:

Cable zip ties and clamps keep your cables organized. They are used to secure your printer to a surface.

Cable zip ties

21. Carving Tools/Diamond Needle File Set:

Carving tools or a diamond needle file set are fantastic for finishing your prints.

Diamond needle files

22. Safety Tools:

Goggles for Laser Engraving/Cutting:

Goggles are important for guarding your eyes against the laser while engraving or cutting.

Safety goggles

Smoke Detector:

A smoke detector detects fires and keeps your workspace safe.

Smoke detector

Fire Extinguisher:

A fire extinguisher is a great way to keep your workspace safe. It puts out fires.

Fire extinguisher

Dust Mask:

A dust mask is a great way to keep your lungs safe. It filters out dust from your workspace.

Dust mask

Disposable Gloves:

Disposable gloves are an excellent way to keep your hands clean. They protect your hands from chemicals.

Disposable gloves

23. Post-Processing Solutions for Better Finish/ Acetone:

Acetone is a great way to get a better finish on your prints. It can also remove supports from your prints after completing the printing process.

717FHjw2m0L. SL1500


These are just a few essential tools that every professional should have in their toolkit to ensure excellent print quality. With these tools, you’ll be able to tackle any project that comes your way. Happy printing!

Do you have any other essential tools that you would add to this list? Let us know in the comments below! And don’t forget to check out our other blog posts for more great 3D printing tips and tricks.

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