5 Top Transcribing Software

5 Top Transcribing Software For Quick & Accurate Transcription

Looking for the haven of precise transcribing? 

You’re about to unveil a list that’s as near to transcribing perfection as it gets. With the right software from this list, transcribing woes will be a tale of the past, making your journey from audible to readable a breeze. 

Investing in any of these tools will save time and ensure every spoken word is captured accurately.

This isn’t just a casual glance, oh no. I plunged headfirst into digital transcribing, dedicating over 35 relentless hours to investigating and tinkering with various transcribing software.

My mission?

To sieve the crème de la crème based on accuracy, speed, user-friendliness, and affordability.

Ready to sail smoothly across the transcribing sea and reach the shores of Verbatim Ville with ease? Let’s dive into it and discover the transcribing software that’ll become your new digital best friend!


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What Are the Best Transcribing Software?

1. Happyscribe

 happy scribe logo


HappyScribe offers a comprehensive transcribing solution with both a free manual transcribing editor and premium automated and human-made transcription services.

The software is user-friendly, catering to both novices and experts. Their approach is recognized with awards like the G2 2023 Leader and Momentum Leader awards.

Happy Scribe homepage

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Key Benefits:

  • Versatile Transcribing Options: Users can choose between manual, automated (AI-driven), or 100% human-made transcription services.
  • Interactive Transcribing Editor: Novices and experts can easily navigate and utilize the editor for manual transcribing.
  • Ease with Speaker Labels: Users can seamlessly label speakers and make uniform changes to speaker names.
  • Video Integration: Directly import videos from platforms like YouTube and Vimeo for transcribing.
  • Efficiency Tools: Advanced shortcuts, timestamps, and the auto-loop feature enhance the transcribing process.
  • Free Manual Editor: HappyScribe offers its manual transcribing editor for free, making transcription service more accessible to users who can’t afford automatic solutions.

HappyScribe Pros

  • Highly Rated
  • Award-Winning
  • Adaptability
  • Integration with Video Platforms
  • Efficiency-Boosting Features

HappyScribe Cons

  • Variability in Accuracy
  • Turnaround Time
  • Cost Implications


  • Highly Rated: Boasts a 4.8/5 rating based on over 850 reviews, indicating a positive user experience.
  • Award-Winning: Recognized with the G2 2023 Leader and Momentum Leader awards.
  • Adaptability: Suitable for both beginners and expert transcribers with its intuitive editor.
  • Integration with Video Platforms: Effortlessly import videos for transcribing.
  • Efficiency-Boosting Features: Shortcuts and other tools make the transcribing process faster and smoother.


  • Variability in Accuracy: While the human-made transcribing offers 99% accuracy, the automated transcription is 85% accurate.
  • Turnaround Time: Human-made transcriptions have a 24-hour turnaround, which might be lengthy for some urgent requirements.
  • Cost Implications: While the manual editor is free, users might need to pay for higher accuracy or faster turnaround with automated or human-made options.


HappyScribe pricing

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Happyscribe is a free transcribing software.

Happyscribe also offers automatic transcription and human-made transcription. You will have to contact them to find out about pricing for these services.

2. Transcribear

Transcribear Logo


Transcribear offers a versatile transcribing solution, enabling users to transcribe audio or video files either automatically or manually.

The platform stands out for its free manual transcribing and dictation options, coupled with advanced tools for transcription and annotation. They also put a premium on user data security and privacy.

Transcribear homepage

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Key Benefits:

  • Multiple Transcription Modes: Users can opt for automatic transcription, manual self-transcribing, or real-time live transcribing.
  • Integrated Multimedia Player: Eliminates the need to switch between different software, integrating audio/video playback within the transcribing editor.
  • Advanced Annotation: Users can effortlessly annotate transcripts with customizable tags, supported by a validation function ensuring consistency.
  • High Security Standards: Compliant with GDPR and built on the Linode Cloud Platform, which offers robust security controls.
  • User Privacy: Manual transcribing is private and confidential; transcripts and media files are never uploaded, remaining on the user’s computer.

Transcribear Pros

  • Flexible Options
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Enhanced Data Security
  • Advanced Annotation Tools
  • Cost-Efficient

Transcribear Cons

  • Cookie Usage
  • Dependence on Browser’s Local Storage


  • Flexible Options: Automatic and manual transcribing choices cater to varied user needs.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Integrated multimedia player and hotkeys simplify the transcribing process.
  • Enhanced Data Security: Adherence to GDPR and certifications like ISO 27001, SOC-2, and PCI DSS underline their commitment to data protection.
  • Advanced Annotation Tools: Customizable annotation schemes and validation functions ensure transcript consistency.
  • Cost-Efficient: Manual transcribing and dictation tools are 100% free.


  • Cookie Usage: The platform uses cookies for analytics and personalized content, which might be a concern for users wary of tracking.
  • Dependence on Browser’s Local Storage: Auto-saving in local browser storage may pose a risk of data loss if not backed up elsewhere.


Transcribear pricing

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Transcibear is free for manual transcribing.

For automated transcribing, Transcribear offers the following plans:

  • Light: £3.00/hour valid for 3 months (1-9 audio hours)
  • Medium: £2.50/hour valid for 3 months (10-29 audio hours)
  • Premium: £2.00/hour valid for 3 months (30 hours and more)

3. Transkriptor

Transkriptor logo


Transkriptor is a transcribing platform that converts audio to text using advanced artificial intelligence. With its user-friendly interface, Transkriptor aids in transcribing meetings, interviews, lectures, and other conversations.

The platform boasts a plethora of features, including automatic meeting notes generation, AI chat for transcription summaries, and multilingual transcription capabilities.

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Key Benefits:

  • AI-Driven Transcribing: Offers state-of-the-art AI technology for automatic transcribing, ensuring fast and efficient conversion.
  • AI-Powered Meeting Assistant: Joins, records, and transcribes online meetings automatically.
  • Real-time Chat with AI Assistant: Like a Virtual assistant. Users can ask questions about their transcriptions and receive instant answers.
  • Multilingual Support: Transkriptor supports transcription in 100+ languages and offers easy translation options.
  • Collaboration Tools: Enables multiple team members to work on the same document simultaneously.
  • Wide File Format Support: Eliminates the need for format conversion by supporting all audio and video files.
  • Affordability: Competitive pricing, with a free transcribing trial available upon sign-up.
  • Accessible Anywhere: Available on various platforms, including mobile apps and browser extensions, and integrates with popular virtual meeting tools.

Transkriptor Pros

  • High Accuracy
  • Versatile Application
  • High Trust Score
  • Speed
  • Feature-Rich Platform

Transkriptor Cons

  • Dependence on Sound Quality
  • Learning Curve


  • High Accuracy: Achieves up to 99% transcribing accuracy depending on the audio file quality.
  • Versatile Application: From meetings to lectures, suitable for a range of transcribing needs.
  • High Trust Score: Trusted by over 100,000 customers worldwide and rated 4.7/5 on Trustpilot.
  • Speed: Utilizes powerful AI for quick transcription turnaround, completing in half the time of the audio input.
  • Feature-Rich Platform: Offers a wide array of features including multiple speaker recognition, file sharing, and slow-motion editing.


  • Dependence on Sound Quality: While boasting up to 99% accuracy, this is contingent on the quality of the input sound.
  • Learning Curve: With a plethora of features, new users might require some time to fully utilize all functionalities.


pricing page

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Transkriptor offers the following plans:

  • Lite: $4.99/month (billed annually)
  • Premium: $12.49/month (billed annually)
  • For Small Teams: $30 billed monthly
  • For Enterprises: Custom Pricing

4. InqScribe

 inqscribe logo


InqScribe is a streamlined software solution designed for transcribing an audio or video file, making the transcribing process simpler and faster.

With a modernized UI, it offers a variety of features, including spellcheck, grammar, autocorrect, enhanced media engine, and improved foot pedal support. 

It allows users to transcribe, type notes and export subtitles all in one place. Its intuitive interface and ability to replace two separate applications with a single platform make it a valuable tool for professionals involved in transcribing and subtitling work.

InqScribe Homepage

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Key Benefits:

  • Simplified Transcribing Process: Transcribe or take time-coded notes within the same window while playing the videos, making transcription a straightforward task.
  • Custom Snippets: Quickly insert frequently used text with a single keystroke using custom snippets, saving time and keystrokes.
  • Media Playback Controls: Offers mouse-free media controls with custom media controls and supports using a USB foot pedal for media playback control while transcribing.
  • Multi-Format Media Support: Work with digital audio or video stored in various locations, including hard drive, flash drive, CD, server, or URL (HTML5).
  • Transcript Export Options: Easily export your transcripts as subtitles or into various other formats suitable for different platforms like Premiere, Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, YouTube, and more.
  • Multi-Language Support: Unicode compliant, allowing the best transcription services in multiple languages even within the same document.
  • Free Upgrade: Current license users can upgrade to the new version (2.5 for macOS) for free to enjoy the modernized UI and other improved features.

InqScribe Pros

  • Intuitive Interface
  • Time-saving Features
  • Flexible Export Options
  • Foot Pedal Support
  • Multi-Language Capability

InqScribe Cons

  • Cost
  • Delayed Windows Update
  • Pitch Lock Limitation


  • Intuitive Interface: User-friendly interface that requires a minimal learning curve.
  • Time-saving Features: Time codes, snippets, and custom shortcuts streamline the transcribing process.
  • Flexible Export Options: A variety of export formats accommodates different workflow needs.
  • Foot Pedal Support: Improved support for the foot pedal increases transcribing efficiency.
  • Multi-Language Capability: Supports a broad range of languages, facilitating global usability.


  • Cost: Priced at $99, it may be a consideration for individuals or small entities with a limited budget.
  • Delayed Windows Update: The new version is currently available for macOS, with the Windows version coming soon, which might be a waiting concern for Windows users.
  • Pitch Lock Limitation: The pitch lock feature (which prevents voice distortion when sped up) is unavailable for all formats.


Inqscribe pricing

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InqScribe offers a full license at $99

5. GoTranscript

 GoTranscript logo


GoTranscript is a manual transcribing software that prioritizes accuracy and quality.

Primarily focused on human transcription, it uses a four-level step check system to deliver transcriptions with a high accuracy rate. The software also features an efficient turnaround time for shorter files.

Go Transcript homepage

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Key Benefits:

  • Human-Driven Transcribing: Relies mainly on human transcribers rather than automated systems, ensuring better accuracy and comprehension.
  • High Accuracy: Utilizes a four-level step check system which results in 99% transcription accuracy.
  • Fast Turnaround Time: Offers a quick return on files under 30 minutes, ranging from 2 to 6 hours.
  • Positive Feedback: Holds a 4.9/5 rating based on 3453 customer reviews, indicating strong user satisfaction.
  • Automatic Saving: The software auto-saves your work every 30 seconds, minimizing potential data loss.
  • Specialized Solutions for Large Projects: GT Enterprise option is available for clients with larger transcribing needs.

GoTranscript Pros

  • Reliable Accuracy
  • Efficient
  • User-Friendly
  • Data Security
  • Highly Rated

GoTranscript Cons

  • Browser Restrictions
  • Potential Local Storage Issues
  • Bug Reporting


  • Reliable Accuracy: The human-centric approach backed by a four-step check ensures that transcriptions are precise.
  • Efficient: Quick turnaround time is especially beneficial for urgent transcribing tasks.
  • User-Friendly: The software is optimized for Chrome, offering the best user experience on this browser.
  • Data Security: Auto-saving feature ensures that users don’t lose their progress.
  • Highly Rated: The 4.9 out of 5-star rating demonstrates user trust and satisfaction.


  • Browser Restrictions: For the best experience, users are advised to use the Chrome browser, which might be limiting for some.
  • Potential Local Storage Issues: Opening two tabs simultaneously might cause auto-saving to malfunction, potentially causing data inconsistency or loss.
  • Bug Reporting: Though bugs can be reported, encountering them can disrupt the transcribing process.


GoTranscript's pricing page

Image Source

GoTranscript’s pricing starts at $0.84/min (bulk order discount) for a 5-day service. You can get your transcript faster if you pay more.

What Is Transcribing Software?

Transcribing software is a specialized tool that converts video and audio files into text. This software benefits individuals and businesses looking to document conversations, meetings, interviews, and other forms of verbal communication. 

How Can Transcribing Software Benefit Your Business?

Transcribing software can offer a myriad of benefits to businesses across various sectors. Here’s how it could be a game-changer for your operations:

Improved Accessibility:

Having text transcripts of audio or video content makes information more accessible to individuals with hearing impairments. It’s also a step towards ADA compliance, showcasing inclusivity in your business practices.

Enhanced Searchability:

Text transcripts make it possible to search through the content to find specific information quickly. This is much quicker than manually listening through audio or video recordings.

Increased Productivity:

By automating the transcription process, employees save a lot of time that can be utilized for other essential tasks. It also facilitates quick referencing and the sharing of information.

Better Record-Keeping:

Transcripts accurately record meetings, interviews, and other vital communications. This can be invaluable for legal compliance, dispute resolution, or maintaining a clear historical record of discussions.

Content Repurposing:

Transcripts can be repurposed into other types of content, such as blog posts, eBooks, or social media updates, which can help extend your content’s reach and value.

SEO Benefits:

Transcribed text can help improve your website’s SEO. Search engines can index the text, making your content more discoverable online.

Market Research and Analysis:

Transcribing customer interviews, focus groups, or other feedback can provide invaluable market research and analysis data.

Language Translation:

Some audio transcribing software offers multi-language support and translation features, enabling businesses to cater to a diverse global audience.

Cost Efficiency:

Transcribing software can be a more cost-effective solution than hiring professional transcribing services, especially for businesses with a continuous need for transcribing.

Learning and Training:

Transcripts can be utilized as training materials or resources for e-learning platforms, ensuring that material is accessible in various formats to cater to different learning preferences.

Improved Engagement:

Providing transcripts alongside audio or video content can enhance engagement, as some prefer reading over listening or watching.

Investing in video transcribing software can be a strategic move towards optimizing operational efficiency, enhancing compliance, and unlocking new opportunities for content management and audience engagement.

Buyers Guide: How I Conducted My Research 

Embarking on the quest to identify the best audio transcribing software in the market required a systematic and thorough approach.

The essence was ensuring that the best audio transcription software met the basic transcribing needs and went above and beyond in delivering value. 

Here’s a glimpse into the meticulous steps I followed during my research journey:

Understanding the Core Needs:

Initially, I delineated the core requirements anyone would have from the best video transcription software, such as accuracy, speed, and ease of use.

Market Survey:

I conducted a broad market survey to list the popular and best transcription software. This included reading through existing reviews, forums, and expert opinions.

Pricing Analysis:

I delved into the pricing details of each software. This encompassed not just the cost but the value provided for the price and different pricing tiers, if available.

Feature Examination:

I carefully examined the feature set of each software. I looked for unique features that set them apart, like language support, automatic and manual transcription capabilities, speaker identification, and timestamping.

Trial Runs:

Engaged in trial runs with the available free transcription software or trial versions of the software to gauge the user experience, accuracy, and transcription speed.

This systematic approach ensured a balanced evaluation, aiming to provide reliable and well-rounded insight into the 5 top transcribing software for quick and accurate transcribing, assisting you in making an informed decision tailored to your needs.


Whether you’re a freelance professional juggling multiple projects or a business aiming to streamline your content management process, reliable transcribing software is indispensable.

As we delved into the meticulous research and hands-on testing, it became evident that the right software could shave hours off your workweek, leaving ample time to focus on other pivotal aspects of your profession.

The transcribing realm is ever-evolving, and settling for software that meets your current needs and has the potential to adapt to future advancements is critical.

Our top picks are crafted to serve a spectrum of transcribing needs with a sprinkle of unique features to make every transcribing endeavor successful.

Ready to transcribe with excellence? Choose software from our meticulously curated list and elevate your transcribing journey today!

Got questions or need further guidance?

Feel free to drop a comment below or reach out to me. Your seamless transcripbing adventure is just a click away!

Questions? I Have Answers.

Get answers to a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

Transcribing software is designed to convert audio and video recordings into text format. It employs speech recognition technology to facilitate the transcription process, making converting spoken words into written text easier and quicker.

Yes, advanced transcribing software can identify different speakers in a conversation. This feature is handy for transcribing interviews, meetings, or multi-speaker recorded speech.

The cost of transcribing software can range from free to premium pricing, depending on the features offered.

In the blog post, we have discussed the pricing of each software in our list to give you a clear understanding.

The accuracy of transcribing software can vary depending on factors like audio quality, speaker accents, and the technology used by the software. However, modern transcribing software can achieve high levels of accuracy, often around 90-95%, especially when the audio quality is good.

Absolutely! Most transcribing software allows for easy editing of the generated transcripts. They often come with built-in text editors to enable corrections and formatting adjustments.

Yes, many transcribing software support multiple languages. The number and variety of supported languages can vary from one software to another.

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