Kittl vs Canva: Which Graphic Design Tool is Better For You?

Kittl vs Canva: Which Graphic Design Tool is Better For You?

Graphic design tools are pivotal in today’s digital age, allowing individuals and businesses to create captivating visual content that resonates with their audiences. 

These tools help you do everything from social media graphics to marketing materials and presentations and are indispensable for conveying messages effectively.

In various industries, graphic design is the secret sauce that can elevate brand identity, engage customers, and communicate information with impact.

In today’s digital landscape, the demand for eye-catching and professional visual content is higher than ever.

Whether you’re a seasoned designer, a marketing professional, an educator, or an entrepreneur, having the right graphic design tool at your disposal can make all the difference. 

Two popular contenders in the world of graphic design are Kittl vs Canva. But which one is better for your needs to make professional-looking designs? 

In this comprehensive comparison, we’ll break down the differences and similarities between Kittl and Canva to help you make an informed decision.


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Before we dive into the comparison, let’s introduce Kittl vs Canva.

What is Kittl?

Kittl logo

Kittl is a versatile graphic design tool with a user-friendly interface and robust feature set.

Designed to cater to diverse design needs, Kittl offers many features and tools to assist users in creating engaging visual content.

Kittl is a web-based graphic design platform that empowers users to craft professional-quality visuals without needing advanced design skills.

Kittl’s features include image editing, typography tools, illustration assets, and collaboration options to streamline the design process.

Kittl offers businesses rich tools and resources for creating professional designs.

Kittl Homepage

Image Source

It boasts a robust user interface, a wide selection of customizable templates, a library of design elements, and collaboration tools that empower teams to work together seamlessly.

One of Kittl’s standout features is its advanced text editing capabilities, allowing users to distort, transform, shade, decorate, and texture fonts and designs.

With a few clicks, Kittl users can easily recolor images and illustrations, simplifying the design process.

What is Canva?


Canva has earned popularity for its user-friendly interface, extensive library of templates, and design elements.

 It’s a go-to choice for creating stunning social media graphics, presentations, posters, and visual content.

Canva helps users to create various visual content, including social media graphics, presentations, posters, and more.

It provides a user-friendly interface with pre-designed templates and customization options, making graphic design accessible to non-designers.

Canva is a widely recognized and immensely popular graphic design platform that has democratized design by making it simple and accessible to users of all skill levels.

With a straightforward and user-friendly interface, Canva offers vast features to meet various design needs, making it a go-to choice for creating professional-looking visuals.

Canva helps you create a wide range of visual content, including social media graphics, presentations, and posters.

Canva is an excellent choice for individuals, small businesses, startups, and those looking to create visually appealing content without requiring extensive design skills.

Its user-friendly interface, design elements, and vast library of templates make it a versatile tool for various design projects.

Canva Homepage

Image Source

Now that we’ve introduced both contenders let’s dig into the comparison.

Kittl vs Canva: What’s The Difference?

1. User Interface


Kittl is a user-friendly design tool that offers more advanced design capabilities, catering to those who prefer in-depth work and flexibility. It features advanced text editing tools, allowing users to distort, transform, shade, decorate, and add textures to fonts and designs.

This allows for intricate text effects that are not possible on simpler platforms. Kittl also enables users to recolor images and illustrations with just a few clicks, making it ideal for experimentation with color schemes. 

The platform offers unlimited access to various design elements, enhancing creative possibilities.


Canva’s interface is well-known for its simplicity and user-friendliness.

Canva offers a massive collection of customizable templates covering various design needs.

Users can select and customize a template according to their requirements.

Canva’s drag-and-drop interface simplifies the design process, making it easy to create professional looking designs which are visually appealing content without the need for advanced design skills.

2. Template Options


Kittl provides customizable templates for various design needs, catering to users with advanced design capabilities and specific requirements. 

These templates are designed to create visually appealing content efficiently. They are particularly suitable for niches or industries like marketing and branding, as they focus on advanced design and professional quality. 

These templates are designed to provide a starting point for users seeking creative control in their same design project.

Kittl template

Image Source


Canva is a popular platform with a vast collection of templates suitable for various design needs, including social media graphics, presentations, posters, and business cards. 

These user-friendly templates are ideal for individuals, small businesses, startups, and those with limited design experience. 

Canva’s diverse selection includes templates for holidays, events, marketing campaigns, and personal projects.

3. Design Elements


Kittl is a versatile design tool that offers unlimited content access, including illustrations, fonts, photos, icons, and textures. 

This extensive library enhances creative possibilities for users seeking diverse design elements for their projects. 

Users can also use advanced text editing tools to distort, transform, shade, decorate, and texture fonts and designs, allowing for intricate text effects and highly customized typography. 

Kittl also simplifies the recoloring of images and illustrations, making it ideal for users who want to experiment with various color schemes in their designs.


Canva offers various design elements, including graphics, fonts, photos, and icons, catering to diverse design needs. 

Unlike Kittl, Canva is user-friendly, making it accessible to users of all levels, including beginners. This simplicity is beneficial for creating visually appealing content. 

However, Canva may not match Kittl’s extensive range.

4. Collaboration with Team


Kittl is a platform that facilitates seamless collaboration among team members, particularly for businesses and teams with multiple stakeholders. 

Its collaboration tools enable easy sharing of design projects and feedback exchange, ensuring efficient design processes and projects meet desired standards.


Canva’s user-friendly collaboration tools enable multiple team members to work on design projects simultaneously. 

Real-time collaboration features allow real-time collaboration, allowing members to view changes and provide instant feedback, promoting efficient teamwork on design projects.

5. Cost

Pricing is a crucial factor.


Kittl offers a range of pricing plans, including free versions and premium options, based on user needs and required features. 

Premium plans provide advanced features, but their cost should be evaluated based on the user’s design needs. 

Users should also consider their budget and how Kittl’s pricing aligns with their financial constraints when evaluating their needs and budget.

Kittl pricing page

Image Source


Canva is a budget-friendly choice due to its flexible pricing structure, offering free and premium plans. 

The free plan provides basic features, while premium plans unlock additional features and resources. 

The free plan is accessible to individuals and small businesses with limited budgets, while the premium plans offer an extended library of design elements, advanced capabilities, and collaboration tools. 

The cost of premium plans should be evaluated based on the user’s specific needs.

image 11

Image Source

6. Capabilities


Kittl is a next-generation design creation platform with advanced capabilities, including text editing, magic recoloring, and precision editing. 

It offers users creative control and intricate design features, such as distorting, transforming, shading, decorating, and adding textures to fonts and designs. 

Users can also use magic recoloring to simplify the recoloring of images and illustrations. 

Kittl provides unlimited content access to various design elements, including illustrations, fonts, photos, icons, and textures, enhancing creative possibilities. 

With its marketing and branding focus, Kittl is ideal for businesses seeking professional-quality designs.


Canva is a versatile design tool that caters to users with varying levels of design experience. Its user-friendly design capability allows users to create visually appealing content without needing advanced skills. 

Canva’s versatility allows it to be used for various design projects, from social media graphics to presentations and posters. 

Its drag-and-drop interface simplifies the design process, allowing users to create visually appealing content without needing advanced skills.

 Its collaboration features ensure consistency in design efforts, making it accessible to users with varying design experience levels.

7. AI Features


Kittl AI tools enhance your design skills and bring your creation process to the next level. They are integrated into the editor, providing unmatched speed and a seamless workflow. 

Kittl AI can generate scalable vector logo icons directly in the editor, allowing for a seamless workflow.

 It also allows you to create stunning merchandise designs, remove backgrounds with just one click, and showcase your products with AI backgrounds, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming photoshoots. 

With Kittl AI, you can unleash your creative power and create designs that leave a lasting impression.

Kittl AI  features

Image Source


Canva does lack a plethora of built-in AI features, but it does have a few built-in AI features that are quite beneficial.

8. Software & Integrations


Kittl may have focused on offering advanced design capabilities and a comprehensive suite of in-house features and tools. 

While it may have provided integration options, it may not have had as extensive an ecosystem of third-party integrations as other graphic design platforms. 

Kittl’s primary strength is its in-house design capabilities and advanced design tools.


Canva has been known for its extensive integrations and connections with other software and platforms. It offers a marketplace of apps and integrations that enhance its functionality and usability. 

Users can connect Canva to various platforms, including social media management tools, project management software, cloud storage, and more. This extensive integration support is designed to streamline workflows and facilitate collaboration.

image 12

Image Source

9. Case Studies

Real-world examples can provide valuable insights. Canva is known for its use by individuals, small businesses, and startups. Kittl may be favored by companies with advanced design needs, particularly in marketing and branding.


A nonprofit organization, ‘Green Earth Foundation,’ is launching a fundraising campaign to raise awareness about environmental conservation. They need promotional materials, including posters, banners, and email headers.


  • Advanced Text Effects: Kittl’s advanced text editing allows for creative typography and text effects, helping the Green Earth Foundation convey its message effectively.
  • Unlimited Content: Access to various design elements, such as eco-themed illustrations and textures, ensures unique and on-brand designs.
  •   Magic Recoloring: Easily adapt design elements to align with the organization’s green theme.

Advanced Learning Curve: Kittl’s advanced features may require more time for the team to learn and implement effectively.

Potentially Overwhelming: The vast content library could be excessive for a smaller nonprofit with limited design resources.


  • User-Friendly: Canva’s intuitive design platform is ideal for nonprofit teams with varying levels of design experience.
  • Extensive Templates: Access to templates allows quick creation of promotional materials.
  • Collaboration: Canva’s collaboration features enable the team to work effectively on the campaign.
  • Limited Advanced Design: Canva’s simplicity might not meet the needs of organizations with complex and intricate design ideas.
  • May Lack Highly Specialised Environmental Design Elements: While Canva offers many resources, it may not have highly specialized environmental design elements.

The case study illustrates that the choice between Kittl and Canva depends on the users’ or teams’ specific design needs, proficiency levels, and creative demands. 

Both platforms have unique strengths and weaknesses, making them suitable for different scenarios and users.

Conclusion: Kittl or Canva? Which is Better For Your Business?

The better choice in the Kittl vs. Canva showdown depends on your specific requirements. Here are some key takeaways:

If you’re looking for a straightforward and simple interface with plenty of templates and a user-friendly interface, Canva might be your best bet. It’s perfect for individuals, small businesses, and startups.

If you need advanced design capabilities, more creative control, and unlimited access to design elements, Kittl is designed to meet those needs. It’s particularly well-suited for businesses with a strong focus on branding and marketing.

Ultimately, Kittl and Canva have unique strengths and cater to different niches within the graphic design space. 

When choosing, consider your design goals, project complexity, budget, and team collaboration needs. 

Which is your favorite design tool? Leave a comment and let us know! 🙂

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