How to use A brief guide for real time transcription

How does Otter AI work? A complete guide for real time transcription

Taking minutes at meetings or jotting down key elements of a conversation usually requires more work than you think. 

Even if you go in with the finest intentions and resolve to get it right, the result is frequently cryptic scrawled lines that even you can’t recall what you were trying to say.

This is where comes into play. It transforms your voice records and conversations into smart notes you can search, modify, and share. If you’ve ever wondered how does Otter AI work, let’s take a look.


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What is

How to use A brief guide for real time transcription is a revolutionary tool that uses artificial intelligence to convert spoken words into written text. It offers a dynamic platform with features like real-time transcription, speaker identification, and advanced keyword extraction. is essential for bloggers and online businesses as it serves as a cornerstone for effective content creation and streamlined operations. 

In an interview with an industry expert, acts as a silent assistant, swiftly transcribing the conversation into text. transcends the conventional transcription boundaries, making content more accessible and searchable. Its ability to convert speech into text saves time and enhances productivity and efficiency across various sectors.


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How does Otter ai work? Getting Started with Otter ai.

Creating an Otter Account

  1. Visit the website: Use your web browser to navigate to the homepage.
LOGIN page

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  1. Sign up: Click the “Sign Up” button in the upper right corner of the page. You will be sent to the sign-up page.
  2. Enter your details: Fill in your information, including your name, email address, and password. You may also join up using your Google or Apple account for a faster procedure.
  3. Confirm your account: You will receive a confirmation email after signing up. To validate your account, click on the link in the email.
  4. Choose a plan: provides a free version with limited functionality. You can select from their premium plans for more features. Choose the package that best meets your requirements.

Navigating the Dashboard


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  1. Accessing the dashboard: You’ll be directed to the dashboard when you log in. Here, you may access all of‘s features.
  2. Understanding the interface: The dashboard is separated into numerous parts. The main menu is located on the left side, with options such as “Home,” “Conversations,” “Groups,” “Shared,” and “Settings.”
  3. Creating a new conversation: To begin transcribing, press the blue microphone button in the lower right corner of the dashboard. This launches a new discussion where you may record or upload audio for transcription.
  4. Managing conversations: The “Conversations” area stores all of your transcriptions. You may read, edit, distribute, and remove transcriptions from this page.
  5. Adjusting settings: You may personalize your experience by going to the “Settings” area. This includes updating your account information, altering transcription settings, managing associated applications, and changing transcription settings.

How to Use Otter AI?

  1. Transcribing Audio Files

Step 1: Create or import an MP3 file. allows users to import or record MP3 files in real-time, with importation allowing users to search and upload previously recorded audio

All plans include audio recording and live transcription, although only Pro, Business, and Enterprise customers may import audio files, and free users can utilize the functionality during trial periods.

  1. Click the Record or Import option on the Home screen’s top-left corner.

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  1. After you’ve imported the MP3, select Go to Transcript.

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Step 2: Conversion Processing


Image Source will need time to process the audio file and transcribe the text when importing it.

The text will show in the same window when the Transcript is complete. The Otter mobile app will notify you if you’ve logged in to on your mobile device. converts a 15-minute audio discussion to text in around 3 minutes. uses AI to ensure the reliability of the Transcript but to modify any section of the Transcript, click on the Edit button in the top-right corner of the page.


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Step 3: Collaboration


Image Source is more than just a tool for recording and transcribing. It also:

  • Generates keywords or tags
  • It allows you to search through the Transcript.
  • Members may comment, modify, highlight, or even add photographs to the Transcript, including a list of speakers and how much they contributed to the discourse.

Step 4: Exporting the Text File

Last but not least, there is the option to export the text file. users may save the Transcript as TXT, PDF, DOCX, or SRT files.

  1. Transcribing Video Files

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To transcribe video files:

Transcribing video files in involves a process that converts the video’s audio content into a written transcript. Here’s how you can transcribe video files using

  1. Login or Sign Up: Access your account via the Otter website or other Otter web applications. If you’re new, create an account by signing up for free.
  2. Upload Video File: Find the option to upload a video file. Look for an “Upload” or “Import” button and select the video file you want to transcribe from your device. Commonly supported formats include MP4, MOV, AVI, and others.
  3. Audio Extraction and Transcription: will process the audio content within the video file and transcribe it into text. Due to video processing requirements, this process might take slightly longer than transcribing audio-only files.
  4. Review and Edit Transcript: Once the transcription is complete, review the text generated by The platform often provides tools for playback, syncing the text with the audio for easier review. You can edit the Transcript for accuracy, punctuation, and clarity.
  5. Enhance Transcript (if needed): Depending on the video’s content and context, you might need to enhance the Transcript by making adjustments, adding context, or formatting it appropriately.
  6. Save or Export Transcript: When satisfied with the transcription, save it within your account. Additionally, you can export the Transcript in various formats such as text, PDF, or SRT (SubRip subtitle format) for further use or sharing purposes.

Case Study: Transcribing a YouTube Video

If you want to transcribe a YouTube video specifically

  1. Extract Audio: Use a reliable tool or website to extract the audio from the YouTube video. Convert the video content into an audio format like MP3.
  2. Follow Audio Transcription Steps: Treat the extracted audio file as you would any audio or video file, and follow the steps outlined earlier for transcribing audio files in
  3. Transcribing Zoom Meetings
Zoom meeting

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Otter Live Notes in Zoom Meetings

Step 1: Set up Live Notes for Zoom Administrator

Sign in to the Zoom marketplace and click on the search bar before attempting to integrate with Zoom. Search for ‘ Live Notes in the browser‘ and then click the arrow next to the ‘Add for Others’ option. 

Step 2: Turn on live streaming via the Zoom Web Portal. 

After you’ve added the integration, go to the Zoom web portal and select Admin > Account Management > Account Settings


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Under the ‘Meeting‘ menu, select ‘In Meeting (Advanced).’ Scroll down until you find ‘Allows live broadcasting of meetings’ and toggle it on. 

Zoom //Otter running in the background

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Select the box next to ‘Custom Live Streaming Service‘ and write ‘Managed by in the box. To save, click the ‘Save‘ button. 

Zoom setting

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Step 3: Establish a Link Between and Zoom 

On the left navigation panel, go to ‘Apps‘ and look for ‘Otter Live Notes in the browser.’ To make the connection, click the ‘Add‘ button. 

Zoom, Google meet

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After that, click the ‘Allow‘ option to authorize Live Notes to access your Zoom account. 

Using Assistant in Zoom meetings:

Step 1: Schedule Otter Assistant for Upcoming Meeting

Link your calendar to Then, next to each planned Zoom meeting, click the button to have the Otter Assistant automatically join, record, automatically transcribe, and share meeting notes for later reference.

Schedule meeting

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Step 2: Incorporate an AI Bot into a Live Meeting 

Click the ‘Paste meeting URL to record’ button on‘s home feed, and OtterPilot will instantly attend the Zoom session as a participant — generating real-time transcripts of the chat. Otter Bot can join virtual events or meetings.

Live meeting

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For transcribing Zoom meetings:

Step 1: Transcribe Local Zoom Recordings

The import audio/video option is located in the top-right area of the home feed. Drag and drop audio or video files here to produce transcripts with a single click. To see the local recordings, click ‘Browse files’ and then browse to the ‘Downloads‘ folder. 


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Step 2: Transcribing Cloud Zoom Videos 

You need a ‘Sync cloud records’ add-on to transcribe Zoom cloud recordings. Log in to your account and navigate to ‘Apps‘ in the navigation panel. Locate ‘Sync cloud records‘ and flip the blue switch. Otter can now sync and transcribe any new Zoom cloud recordings you make. 


Pricing page

Image Source Pricing Plans offers four different plans:

  1. Basic Plan (Free): This plan includes 300 monthly transcription minutes, with a maximum of 30 minutes per conversation. In addition, users may import and transcribe up to three audio or video files.
  2. Pro Plan ($10 USD per user/month billed annually or $16.99 per month billed monthly): This plan includes everything in the Basic plan and some extras. It offers 1200 monthly transcribing minutes with a 90-minute discussion restriction. Users can import and transcribe up to ten audio or video files each month.
  3. Business Plan ($20 USD per user/month billed annually): This plan includes everything in the Pro plan as well as some extras. It offers 6000 monthly transcription minutes with a 4-hour chat restriction. Users can import and transcribe infinite audio and video files in paid plans.
  4. Enterprise Plan (Custom pricing): This plan includes everything in the Business plan as well as extra features such as Single Sign-On (SSO), enterprise-wide deployment, domain capture, and sophisticated security and compliance controls.

Comparison with Other Transcription Services

Several transcription services are available online, and they are classified as either automatic or human-made. 

Automated transcriptions are inexpensive and quick to produce, but they frequently contain mistakes that must be repaired. Human-generated transcriptions are often more accurate but are more expensive and take longer to create.

Here are some of the top transcription services based on accuracy, ease of use, and price:

  • GoTranscript: Best for low-cost human-generated transcriptions.
  • Rev: Best for access to human and automated transcription.
  • Scribie: Best for occasional use.
  • TranscribeMe: Best for affordable automated transcription.
  • Trint: Best for media professionals.


In this comprehensive guide, we’ve covered essential aspects of, a powerful transcription tool. stands out for its user-friendly interface, accurate transcription capabilities, and various plans catering to different user needs. It’s a reliable tool for transcribing audio and video content efficiently.

I encourage you to give a try. Whether you’re a student, professional, or business entity, its versatility and accuracy can significantly streamline your workflow. 

From note-taking during lectures to transcribing meeting productivity and creating subtitles for videos, simplifies the process.

Unlock’s potential and experience the ease of transforming spoken content into text. Sign up, explore its features, and witness firsthand how can revolutionize the way you manage and utilize audio and video content.

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