7 best AI Transcription Tools

7 Best AI Transcription Tools to Amplify Audio/Video Value

Unleash the power of the 7⃣ best AI transcription tools 🤖🎙️ to maximize your audio/video 🎥 content’s value. Boost clarity and reach! 🚀📝

In our digital age, making your audio and video content accessible and easily repurposable is crucial.

I embarked on a 50-hour journey through the labyrinth of AI transcription tools, testing and evaluating the popular ones to bring you a well-curated list of the best AI transcription platforms. They were meticulously assessed based on accuracy, ease of use, features, and bang for your buck.

By reading this blog post, you’ll unveil the top-notch tools that significantly reduce the time and effort you usually spend on transcribing audio and video content. And no, you won’t have to break the bank to gain access to these outstanding tools. With the right transcription tool at your fingertips, you’re saving time and elevating the value of your content manifold.

Ready to dive into the world of efficient, accurate, and affordable transcription? Let’s decode the mysteries together!


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What Are the Best AI Transcription Tools?

1. Otter.ai

Otter.ai logo


Otter AI strides ahead as a real-time transcription and collaboration tool designed to elevate engagement and productivity levels for individuals across different professions. 

With OtterPilot™, users have an intuitive platform to record, transcribe, and collaborate during in-person or virtual conversations. Subscribing to Otter Pro opens doors to various customizations, making every transcription experience unique and tailored.

Otter AI homepage

Image Source

Key Benefits:

  • Real-Time Transcription: Experience immediate transcription with OtterPilot™ as conversations unfold, aiding in better engagement and comprehension.
  • Collaboration: Highlight critical points, insert comments or images, making collaboration seamless and effective.
  • Accessibility: With OtterPilot™, transcend geographical boundaries by accessing the tool anywhere in the world through leading internet browsers and iOS and Android mobile apps.
  • Analysis and Search: Keep a tab on essential discussions with integrated search capabilities, ensuring every critical conversation is just a search away.
  • Customization: Tailor your transcriptions with customized vocabulary, acronyms, and names, adding a personal touch to your notes.
  • Improved Productivity: Many users reported a significant boost in productivity, allowing them to manage their tasks efficiently in a shorter period.
  • Highly Versatile: Whether in a cafe or using mobile microphones, Otter AI proves its versatility in different audio settings, delivering high-quality transcriptions.

Otter AI Pros

  • Highly accurate transcription
  • User-friendly interface
  • Enhances productivity
  • Platform for collaboration
  • Various customization options

Otter AI Cons

  • might require a subscription to Otter Pro
  • Learning curve
  • Prefer more extensive third-party app integration


  • Highly accurate transcription, even in noisy environments.
  • User-friendly interface for listening, viewing text, and editing in real time.
  • Enhances productivity by automating the note-taking process.
  • Provides a conducive platform for collaboration.
  • Various customization options to cater to individual needs.


  • The full spectrum of features might require a subscription to Otter Pro.
  • It might require a learning curve to leverage customized features effectively.
  • Some users might prefer more extensive third-party app integration.


Otter AI pricing

Image Source

  • Basic: Free
  • Pro: $10/user/month (billed annually)
  • Business: $20/user/month (billed annually)
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

2. MeetGeek

MeetGeek logo


MeetGeek revolutionizes meeting productivity by infusing AI into every stage of your meetings. Right from video recording and transcription to summarization and sharing personalized insights, MeetGeek acts as your AI-powered meeting assistant across all platforms. 

It’s built to take the manual hassle from meeting management, allowing you to focus on meaningful conversations and decisions.

MeetGeek Homepage

Image Source

Key Benefits:

  • Automated Meeting Management: Autonomously records, transcribes, and summarizes meeting discussions, eliminating the manual work of jotting down minutes.
  • AI Meeting Minutes: Receive a concise summary spotlighting action items and crucial topics, and bid farewell to the ordeal of writing follow-up notes post-meeting.
  • Enhanced Meeting Productivity: Engage in productive and collaborative meetings as MeetGeek handles the recaps for you.
  • Seamless Integration with Tools: From capturing and sharing insights to integrating with your existing tool stacks like Notion, Trello, Slack, GDrive, HubSpot, and more, MeetGeek creates a seamless workflow.
  • Searchable Meeting Archives: Retain all your meeting notes in a single, secure location, and with a simple keyword search, recall any detail from your past meeting transcripts.
  • Real-Time Sharing and Collaboration: Share meeting takeaways across teams and departments effortlessly, creating a synchronized workspace.
  • Meeting Performance Analysis: Analyze meeting engagements, efficiencies, and uncover areas of improvement to boost your meeting productivity over time.
  • Sales Efficiency: Amplify revenue per rep and reduce onboarding time by leveraging real-time meeting notes and insights for coaching and strategy adjustment.

MeetGeek Pros

  • Simplifies meeting management
  • Supports integration
  • Search feature
  • Facilitates easy sharing
  • It offers a free version

MeetGeek Cons

  • Might require moving to a paid plan
  • AI summary lacking compared to human-drafted notes


  • Simplifies meeting management with automated recording, transcription, and summarization.
  • Supports integration with a plethora of tools, enhancing the collaborative experience.
  • It helps in quickly recalling important information from past meetings with its search feature.
  • Facilitates easy sharing of meeting insights, promoting transparency and alignment among teams.
  • It offers a free version for users to explore the service without financial commitment.


  • The complete feature set might require moving to a paid plan after the initial free offering.
  • Some users might find the AI summary lacking compared to human-drafted notes, especially in complex discussion scenarios.


Meetgeek pricing

Image Source

  • Basic: Free
  • Pro: $15/user/month (billed annually)
  • Business: $29/user/month (billed annually)
  • Enterprise: From $59/month (billed annually) 

3. Beey

Beey logo


Beey is an innovative online tool designed for converting audio and video to text swiftly and accurately. Its versatility is showcased in its ability to transcribe many content types, such as videos, podcasts, interviews, online meetings, recorded lectures, and more. 

With its state-of-the-art technology, Beey delivers over 90% accuracy in transcriptions for English, German, and Czech recordings.

Beey.IO  home page

Image Source

Key Benefits:

  • Fast and Precise Transcription: Utilizing advanced AI technology for more than 90% transcription accuracy, ensuring your content is translated to text accurately and swiftly.
  • Smart Editing: Offering a user-friendly editor for quick and convenient correction and formatting of transcripts, with export options in various formats. Additionally, professional proofreading services are available for polished text output.
  • Content Accessibility Enhancement: Creating quality captions and subtitles using the Professional Subtitle Mode, along with automatic translation tools to make your content accessible in 20 different languages.
  • Feature-Rich Platform: Beyond verbatim transcripts, enjoy extra functionalities like speaker separation and recognition, voice recording and instant converting, live transcription of streamed content, interactive subtitle editor, machine translation, and more—all available in 20 languages.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: Create a team within Beey for shared credit and projects, facilitating collaborative efforts.
  • Full-Text Search and Archive: Easily search through all your audio and video resources in a fully searchable archive.
  • API Integration: Seamlessly integrate Beey into your existing systems via API for a streamlined workflow.
  • Comprehensive Language Support: Multilingual transcription support covering 20 languages, including English, German, Spanish, Russian, and more.

Beey Pros

  • High accuracy
  • The smart editor and professional proofreading service
  • Automatic translation and broad language support
  • Numerous extra functionalities
  • Teamwork and collaboration

Beey Cons

  • Might still require manual review and editing.
  • Might come at an additional cost.


  • High accuracy in transcription ensures reliable text output for critical projects.
  • The smart editor and professional proofreading service are great for ensuring the quality of the final transcript.
  • Automatic translation and broad language support make it a versatile tool for global use.
  • Numerous extra functionalities provide a comprehensive transcription solution for various needs.
  • Teamwork and collaboration are a boon for corporate or group projects.


  • Although highly accurate, transcriptions might still require manual review and editing for perfection, especially in cases of heavy accents or audio disturbances.
  • Extra functionalities like professional proofreading or advanced editing might come at an additional cost.


Beey.IO pricing

Image Source

  • Beey Standard: 0.125 € + VAT per minute
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

4. Verbit.ai

Verbit logo


Verbit AI offers robust, smart online AI transcription software that converts audio and video content into accurate, searchable transcripts. 

Catering to various industries, including business, education, and media, this platform ensures precise transcription of meetings, events, and pre-recorded videos and customizes the transcripts to meet specific formatting needs.

Verbit AI homepage

Image Source

Key Benefits:

  • Professional-grade Accuracy: Delivers up to 99% accuracy, ensuring every word is captured correctly, supporting ADA guidelines and other transcription requirements.
  • Seamless Integrations: Simplified setup with direct integration to popular platforms like Zoom, Panopto, Vimeo, YouTube, AWS, Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive, allowing automatic transcription of audio and video content.
  • Custom Formatting: Provides transcripts in various formats, including PDF, Microsoft Word document, CSV, JSON, and plain text. Transcripts come with speaker identification, SMPTE time codes, and other informative annotations for enhanced referencing.
  • 24/7 End-to-End Support: Around-the-clock support ensures seamless operation and assistance whenever required.
  • Expansive Transcription Capacity: With over 1 million words transcribed per day and over 56,000 videos captioned per week, Verbit AI boasts a substantial capacity to handle large-scale transcription needs.
  • User-Friendly Platform: The platform is designed for ease of use and swift initiation, making it a convenient choice for various users.
  • Industry Tailored Solutions: Offers solutions specific to different industries, making it a versatile choice for various organizational needs.

Verbit Pros

  • High-level accuracy
  • Wide range of integrations
  • Custom formatting
  • Continuous support

Verbit Cons

  • May still be a 1% margin of error
  • Might require an initial learning curve
  • Pricing details are not provided upfront


  • High-level accuracy meets the professional standards of transcription and supports compliance with legal and accessibility guidelines.
  • Wide range of integrations with popular platforms makes it highly versatile and convenient for different transcription needs.
  • Custom formatting and additional transcript information, such as speaker identification, provide enriched content for better usability.
  • Continuous support ensures users have the help they need whenever they need it.


  • While the platform offers a high accuracy rate, there may still be a 1% margin of error that might require manual review, especially in case of unclear audio files or multiple speakers talking simultaneously.
  • The platform might require an initial learning curve for users to fully understand and utilize all the offered features and integrations.
  • Pricing details are not provided upfront, which might require potential users to go through a contact process to get a complete understanding of the cost.


Verbit Pricing

Image Source

Fill in their contact form to get custom pricing for your needs.

5. Temi

Temi - logo


Temi is a robust speech-to-text transcription service that utilizes advanced speech recognition software to convert audio and video files into accurate text transcripts. 

With a promise of delivering transcripts within minutes and an economical pricing structure, Temi is a quick, efficient, and budget-friendly transcription solution for diverse users, including journalists, podcasters, and professionals.

Temi home page

Image Source

Key Benefits:

  • Fast Transcription: Delivers transcripts within minutes, making it a great choice for time-sensitive projects.
  • Cost-Effective: At $0.25 per audio minute with no subscription or minimum charges, it offers an affordable solution for transcription needs.
  • Various File Format Acceptance: Accepts all file types for transcription, which enhances the ease of use.
  • Editing Tool: Provides a simple online editing tool to review and clean up the transcript, enhancing the final output quality.
  • File Export Options: Enables saving and exporting transcripts in multiple formats like MS Word, PDF, SRT, VTT, etc., for better usability.
  • Speaker Identification and Custom Timestamps: The system identifies different speakers and provides custom timestamps, making the transcript well-structured and easy to follow.
  • High Accuracy with Good Audio Quality: Achieves 90-95% accuracy with good audio quality which has minimal background noise and clear speaker voices.
  • Free Trial: Offers a free trial for one transcript under 45 minutes, allowing users to test the service before committing.

Temi Pros

  • Quick turnaround time
  • Budget-friendly
  • In-built editing tool
  • Speaker identification and custom timestamps

Temi Cons

  • Might require substantial manual correction.
  • Does not provide a human transcription service.


  • Quick turnaround time is highly beneficial for urgent transcription needs.
  • The economical per-minute pricing model is budget-friendly, especially for sporadic or one-time users.
  • In-built editing tool allows for easy corrections and adjustments to the transcript.
  • Speaker identification and custom timestamps add significant value to the transcript, especially in multi-speaker scenarios.


  • The accuracy significantly drops in the presence of heavy background noise or strong accents, which might require substantial manual correction.
  • Does not provide a human transcription service for challenging audio file, which might be a limitation for some users as it requires manual transcription.


Temi charges $0.25 per audio minute with no subscriptions or minimums.

6. Rev.com

Rev.com logo


Rev is a leading transcription service that transforms audio and video files into text with a high accuracy rate of 99%. 

With a substantial marketplace of seasoned transcribers, Rev provides human transcription, closed captions, and translated subtitles services to various sectors, including media, education, and legal.

Rev home page

Image Source

Key Benefits:

  • High Accuracy: Guarantees 99% accuracy in transcription and captioning services, ensuring high-quality text outputs.
  • Experienced Transcribers: Largest marketplace of skilled transcribers ensuring professional handling of your transcription needs.
  • Diverse Service Offerings: Provides Human Transcription, English Closed Captions, and Global Translated Subtitles to cater to different needs.
  • Competitive Pricing: Pricing ranges from $1.50 per minute for transcription and captioning to $5-12 per minute for translated subtitles, making it an accessible option.
  • Quick Turnaround: Known for fast service delivery as testified by satisfied customers.
  • Global Translation for Subtitles: Expands your audience reach by providing translated subtitles in 16 languages.
  • Streamlined Workflow for Businesses: Offers Rev for Business for high-volume orders, allowing for enterprise-level management, billing, and savings.
  • Widely Trusted: Over 750,000 happy users and trusted by reputable organizations in different sectors, including Viacom, CBS, Spotify, and several prestigious universities and legal firms.

Rev Pros

  • Accurate and professional services
  • Quick service delivery
  • The large pool of experienced transcribers
  • The option for global translated subtitles

Rev Cons

  • Pricing for translated subtitles can get high
  • The accuracy might drop in case of poor audio quality
  • It may get costly for small businesses or individuals


  • Accurate and professional services cater to a wide variety of transcription needs.
  • Quick service delivery is highly appreciated by users, making it a reliable choice for time-sensitive tasks.
  • The large pool of experienced transcribers ensures that the quality of transcriptions is maintained.
  • The option for global translated subtitles opens up a wider audience reach for content creators.


  • Pricing for translated subtitles can get high, especially for lengthy videos.
  • The accuracy might drop in case of poor audio quality or heavily accented audio, which might require additional time and effort in reviewing and correcting.
  • It may get costly for small businesses or individuals with high-volume transcription needs, despite the business discount for 100+ hours of transcripts.


Rev.com pricing

Image Source

  • Human Transcription: $1.50 per minute
  • English Closed Captions: $1.50 per minute
  • Global Translated Subtitles: $5-$12 per minute

7. Notta AI

Notta logo


Notta AI is a versatile transcription platform powered by artificial intelligence. It’s engineered to transcribe and summarize audio and video recordings, face-to-face meetings, and presentation demos, catering to various users and business requirements. 

With an intuitive interface and integration with major communication tools, Notta AI simplifies converting verbal interactions into text, making information more accessible and manageable.

Notta homepage

Image Source

Key Benefits:

  • Multiple Transcription Sources: Capability to transcribe audio or video files, online or face-to-face sales meetings quickly and efficiently. Import your audio or video files directly for transcription.
  • Integration with Popular Meeting Platforms: Seamlessly works with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Webex.
  • Ability to schedule and transcribe meetings directly through these platforms.
  • Multilingual Support: Supports transcription in 104 languages. Provides translation in 42 languages to cater to a global user base.
  • Advanced AI Summary Feature: Utilizes AI, including ChatGPT, to summarize transcripts swiftly, generating actionable insights and highlighting key points.
  • Collaborative Workspace: Enables co-editing, insertion of images, and marks for your whole team. Automatically summarizes calls and highlights, negating the need for manual note-taking.
  • Export and Sharing Capabilities: Export transcripts to Text, Word, PDF, SRT, or send to Notion and Salesforce for further analysis or record-keeping. Share recordings and transcripts easily with links without recipients needing to log in or create accounts.
  • Additional Features: Chrome Extension, sync across devices, and the ability to transcribe by pasting URLs for improved usability and convenience.

Notta Pros

  • Wide Range of Transcription Services
  • High Accuracy Rate
  • Ease of Scheduling
  • Collaboration-friendly
  • Comprehensive Language Support

Notta Cons

  • Learning Curve
  • Dependency on Audio Quality


  • Wide Range of Transcription Services: Covers everything from live meeting transcriptions to summarizing audio/video recordings, making it a one-stop solution for many transcription needs.
  • High Accuracy Rate: Provides real-time transcription with a 98.86% accuracy rate, ensuring reliable text outputs.
  • Ease of Scheduling: The integration with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar makes scheduling and transcribing meetings straightforward.
  • Collaboration-friendly: The collaborative workspace feature facilitates teamwork, enabling multiple users to edit and share transcripts and summaries.
  • Comprehensive Language Support: With 104 transcription languages and 42 translation languages, it’s well-suited for international operations.


  • Learning Curve: The myriad of features may present a learning curve for some users, especially those not tech-savvy.
  • Dependency on Audio Quality: Like many transcription services, the accuracy of transcription might be influenced by the clarity and quality of the audio input.


Notta pricing

Image Source

  • Free: $0 for 120 minutes per month
  • Pro: $8.25 for 1,800 minutes per month (billed annually)
  • Business: Starts at $44 for 2,400 minutes per month (billed annually)
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

What Is AI Transcription?

AI transcription technology converts spoken language into written text using artificial intelligence. 

Here’s how it operates:

Speech Recognition:

The core of AI transcription lies in its ability to recognize speech. The AI system processes the audio data and converts the spoken words into text based on learned patterns and algorithms. The more sophisticated the AI, the better it can handle different accents, dialects, and background noise.

Natural Language Processing (NLP):

Beyond just recognizing words, AI transcription services often employ Natural Language Processing to ensure that the text reads naturally, understands context, and even, in some cases, can distinguish between different speakers.

Machine Learning:

Over time, machine learning algorithms allow the transcription AI to improve by learning from any corrections or feedback and from exposure to more varied data. This is how AI transcription services can become more accurate and efficient over time.

Automated Editing:

Some advanced AI transcription tools offer automated editing features, which help reduce errors and improve the readability of the automated transcription.

How Can AI Transcription Tools Benefit Your Business?

AI transcription tools can offer myriad benefits to businesses across different sectors. Here are several ways they can be utilized to streamline operations, save time, and boost productivity:

1 Cost Efficiency:

AI transcription services are usually more affordable than human transcription services. By automating transcription, businesses can reduce operational costs significantly.

2 Time-Savings:

Transcribing audio and video files is a time-consuming task. AI transcription tools can turn hours of audio or video content into text in a fraction of the time it would take a human transcriber.

3 Improved Accessibility:

Providing transcriptions for audio and video content makes your business more accessible to individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, which is not only inclusive but can also widen your audience base.

4 Content Indexing and Searchability:

Transcribed content is searchable and easier to index. This is beneficial for SEO and can help improve the visibility of your online content. It also makes it easier for your team and your audience to locate and reference specific information within audio or video files.

5 Content Repurposing:

With transcriptions in hand, businesses can easily repurpose audio and video content into blogs, whitepapers, infographics, or social media posts, thereby extending the value and reach of the original content.

6 Enhanced Compliance and Documentation:

In sectors where compliance is crucial, AI transcription tools can help accurately document conversations and meetings. This can be critical for legal purposes and for ensuring transparency in business operations.

7 Analysis and Insights:

Transcription, coupled with analysis tools, can provide valuable insights from customer interactions, meetings, or other recorded discussions. Analyzing this text data can uncover trends, sentiments, and areas of improvement.

8 Multilingual Support:

Many AI transcription tools support multiple languages, benefiting global businesses in catering to a diverse clientele and ensuring clear communication across various languages.

9 Ease of Collaboration:

Transcripts can be a reference for teams, facilitating better collaboration and understanding, especially when dealing with complex or technical discussions.

10 Error Reduction:

By providing a written record, AI transcription reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings or misinterpretations, which could potentially lead to costly mistakes.

11 Enhanced Customer Service:

Transcriptions can be used to train customer service staff, provide written records of interactions, and improve overall service delivery by reviewing and analyzing customer interactions.

Incorporating AI transcription tools into your business operations can streamline workflows, enhance content strategies, and contribute to better communication and compliance, which can positively impact your business growth and customer satisfaction.

Buyers Guide: How I Conducted My Research 

Embarking to find the best AI transcription tools was an expedition filled with meticulous examination and comparison. The landscape of AI transcription has blossomed, offering a myriad of tools, each boasting unique capabilities. 

To ensure that I bring forth only the creme de la creme of transcription tools, here’s the structured approach I adopted:

1 Market Survey:

Commenced with a broad market survey to enlist the available AI transcription tools. Peer reviews, expert recommendations, and user ratings were crucial in shortlisting the candidates for a deeper dive.

2 Pricing Analysis:

I dived into the pricing structure of each tool to understand their cost-effectiveness. I looked for various pricing tiers, hidden costs, and the value offered at each level.

3 Feature Examination:

I scrutinized the features offered by each tool, focusing on accuracy, speed, language support, speaker identification, and ease of editing the transcriptions.

4 Negative Aspects:

Identified any shortcomings or missing features in the tools, such as the inability to handle multiple speakers, background noise, or technical jargon.

5 Support and Refund Policies:

I reviewed the support infrastructure, including community forums, customer service responsiveness, and the knowledge base. I also delved into the refund policy to understand the risk involved in dissatisfaction.

6 User Experience (UX):

I tested the user interface and overall experience of using the tools. A friendly user interface and smooth workflow are vital for seamless transcription processes.

7 Trial Runs:

Engaged in practical trial runs by transcribing various audio and video files to evaluate each tool’s performance, accuracy, and speed in real-world scenarios.

8 Customer Feedback:

Explored customer reviews and testimonials to grasp the level of satisfaction among existing users and understand any common issues faced.

9 Competitor Comparison:

Compared each tool against its competitors to understand how they stack up in pricing, features, and user satisfaction.


In digital communication, audio, and video content transcription has become an unsung hero, bridging gaps and creating a playground of possibilities. 

Having navigated through the sea of AI transcription tools, we’ve surfaced with a treasure trove of the seven best ones that promise to amplify the value of your audio and video content significantly. Each tool, with its unique features, opens doors to enhanced accessibility, content repurposing, and a better understanding of the spoken word.

Now that we’ve unveiled the mystery surrounding the best AI transcription tools, it’s your turn to share the wisdom. Have you used any of these tools before? Are there other transcription knights in shining armor that we may have missed? Your insights could be the guiding star for others embarking on a similar quest.

Dive into the discussion below, share your experiences, or pose any queries you might have. The ocean of AI transcription is vast, and we can navigate its waves more proficiently.

Your input is not just welcomed; it’s invaluable! So, don’t hesitate—drop your comments below, and let’s enrich this conversation. Every droplet of insight counts!

Questions? I Have Answers.

Get answers to a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

AI transcription is converting audio or video speech into written text using artificial intelligence technologies. It can understand spoken words, process them, and translate them into text form, making content more accessible and usable.

Many AI transcription tools have multilingual support and can handle various accents to a certain extent. However, their proficiency might vary, so it’s advisable to use trials or demos to test their effectiveness with the specific languages or accents relevant to your needs.

AI transcription tools are faster and more cost-effective compared to human transcription services. However, human transcribers might provide a higher level of accuracy in understanding nuances, emotions, or complex terminologies. The choice between AI and human transcription would depend on the specific needs of your project.

The accuracy of AI transcription tools can vary based on the tool itself, the clarity of the audio recording, and the complexity of the language used. Generally, the top-notch tools listed in this post offer high accuracy, often exceeding 90-95%, especially in clear audio settings.

Security is paramount, especially when dealing with sensitive or confidential information. Many reputable AI transcription tools prioritize data security and comply with industry standards. Reviewing the security policies of the automated transcription service you choose is crucial.

Yes, providing clear audio, minimizing background noise, and choosing a high-quality transcription tool can improve accuracy. Additionally, many tools offer editing interfaces to correct any inaccuracies post-transcription quickly.

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